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Enhanced Campaigns – Workarounds and Best Practices You Need to Know

Published: April 16, 2013

Author: Molly Shotwell

Today’s post is by Director of Search Sana Ansari.
Enhanced Campaigns are officially upon us on July 22; we’ve moaned and bellyached about the impending lack of control, namely because of the new device configurations. But until Google responds to our caterwauling by oh, say, SPLITTING TABLETS AND COMPUTERS, we’d better be ready to make do with what we’ve got.
In that spirit, here are a couple of workarounds and a few best practices we recommend for making the most of the situation.
First, split up your mobile and computer campaigns. Here’s how:
1. Go to your campaign settings.
2. Hit “change mobile bid adjustment”.
change mobile bid adjustment
3. Now, if you want a computer only-campaign, set mobile bids to decrease by 100%.
4. If you want a mobile-only campaign (warning: imperfect but decent workaround ahead), set up your campaign to have super-low bids, then set mobile bids to increase by 300%.
The reason this (mostly) works is that when you are running a computer campaign alongside its duplicate mobile-only campaign, Google usually sends traffic to the higher bids. In step 3, the computer campaign will have higher computer bids then the mobile campaign, and the majority of the computer traffic will go to computers. In step 4, the same effect is in play with the mobile campaign, which will get (the vast majority of) the traffic.
Okay, so what about tablets?
Unfortunately, for search there’s nothing we can do about splitting up computers and tablets — but there is for display. The following process works if you want to create a tablet-only campaign. or if you want to create duplicate campaigns, 1 for computers and 1 for tablets (where tablets are your preferred audience so you want to bid higher for them).
1. Go to campaign settings.
bid adjustment GDN
2. Go to devices and hit “edit”, and you’ll see:
3. From here, you can either select operating system, so iOS, Android, etc.:
gdn ios target
You can select the device, e.g. iPads:
target GDN devices
4. Don’t forget to change your mobile bids to decrease by 100% if you don’t want mobile traffic!
Perfect? Hardly. But let’s throw in a few best practices too:
1. When migrating your existing campaigns over to enhanced, instead of just flipping the switch on the existing campaign to EC, you should actually clone your campaign, then turn the new campaign into an EC. We do this because if something goes terribly wrong with the EC campaign, you still have your old campaign to temporarily fall back on.
2. If you have specific ads you serve to mobile devices and specific ones for computers, be sure to set the device preference to mobile in your ad for the mobile-preferred ad.
preferred mobile ad
Doing so will cause mobile-optimized ads to show more than other ads on mobile devices. And the non-mobile-optimized ads will tend to show more often on tablets and computers than their mobile-optimized counterparts.
3. If you have specific mobile landing pages/destination URLs where you send mobile users, you must do the following: update them with the ValueTrack parameter, then redirect users to the correct landing page based on the device where the ad is served.
Note that a new ValueTrack parameter, {device}, has been added to provide the user’s device type. For details, see Using ValueTrack.
4. One last tip/reminder: ads that have a phone numbers within the ad text will be disapproved. You will need to move the phone number to a call extension. For that matter, learn as much as you can about the new ad extensions, which are probably the biggest benefit of EC.
I’d love to hear any other tips or workarounds out there…leave comments with more!
– Sana Ansari

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