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Enhanced Campaigns – the Hidden Boost for AdSense and Parking Payouts

Published: February 12, 2013

Author: Todd Mintz

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Google’s new Enhanced Campaigns announcement will bring major changes to the AdWords Campaign structure. Most paid search folks are arguing about how it might impact their campaign management processes. I’d like to throw out a totally different perspective.
Many webmasters monetize their websites through Google AdSense. In addition, many domain parking companies use the Google Ads “Feed” for their domain parking pages. When an AdWords advertiser opts to advertise within the Google Content network, he/she is allowing their ads to be placed on (among other places), websites and or domain parking pages where the owner of the website/domain can get paid for bringing a visitor to that particular site/page and having that visitor click on an ad.
Many people think of AdSense/Parking pages in their traditional desktop environment…however, they are by no means a desktop-only phenomenon. People hit them on their tablets and mobile devices as well. I know from my own experience that well-optimized parking pages on mobile phones can be extremely effective since, when properly designed, it’s pretty darned hard not to click on an ad.
Experts are speculating (correctly IMO) that once Google’s new Enhanced Campaigns roll out system-wide, mobile CPCs will rise. With overall mobile traffic rising, mobile AdWords ad clicks will also rise.
The less sophisticated AdWords advertisers will not only not segment mobile traffic, but they’ll likely leave the entire campaign (which includes mobile) opted into the Google Content Network, which will greatly spike the available inventory for AdSense webmasters and domain parking companies. Google will need to incentivize the creation of mobile “inventory” to serve this new influx of ads.
With mobile traffic growing at a solid clip, Google’s inventory “shortage” will partially solve itself.  However, to help encourage mobile delivery of its ads, Google will likely attempt to incentivize, via AdSense and Domain Parking, an increased payout to webmasters and parking companies. When the affected webmasters see the increased value of serving Google ad clicks to their visitors, they’ll take steps to push this behavior, generating additional click revenue for themselves.
Over the last several years, domain parking revenue (and likely AdSense revenue) has taken a huge beating as payouts to webmasters has been cut significantly. With the upcoming huge influx of mobile AdWords content traffic, an opportunity exists for increased mobile end user monetization by savvy site owners.  Be prepared to help Google serve mobile ads to their audience…it could be quite profitable for you.
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– Todd Mintz, Sr. Account Manager

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