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Employees and the Sales/Marketing Function of a Company

Published: April 3, 2012

Author: Todd Mintz

Always be closing…by doing great work.

My introduction to David Rodnitzky and PPC Associates came via a job ad placed on LinkedIn in January 2011. I don’t have a copy of the actual job posting for reference, but I remember that it was for Account Managers and went on to describe the position and the company in quite a bit of detail. I’m reasonably sure that nothing in the job description included any responsibility in the areas of Sales & Marketing, and I’m also confident that my current job description of “Senior Account Manager” doesn’t include any Sales & Marketing functions…which is good, because I’m not particularly talented at these things. What I do well is offer really excellent account-management services to my clients, and it’s primarily on these abilities that I expect to be judged.
But wait…hold on…let’s step back for a minute.
I also have some blogging talent, and most weeks, I publish a post on the PPC Associates blog, as well as scattered posts in other places. Whenever and wherever I get published, my bio will state my association with PPC Associates (and hopefully link to the site), and even if I’m writing about a topic other than PPC (which I do frequently), readers who like my output will make the association between myself and PPC Associates. Hopefully, the seed of a thought might be planted in their psyche that if they potentially need paid search management services, they might remember either my blog posts or the most excellent blog posts from David Rodnitzky, Sean Marshall, Jeremy Mayes, Michael Nelson, and the rest of our blogging team. The end game for our sharing of our collective scholarship should be that the prospect sees us as thought leaders in our space and worthy of professional consideration.
I am also fairly visible in the social media space of the Search Marketing industry. Like my blogging, the majority of what I socialize isn’t relevant to Paid Search, or even Search Marketing for that matter. However, the frequency and popularity of what I’ve socialized has made myself and my “personal brand” known by not only many people in our Industry but plenty of others tangential to it. Anyone interested in the “backstory” of Todd Mintz will quickly discover that he’s a dedicated employee of PPC Associates, and anyone who follows my social media stream will quickly realize that Todd is only one member of a pretty dynamic team of SEMs that has much to offer both our current client base as well as prospective clients.
I also have some really close “real world” Search Marketing friends who don’t do paid search and work with a plethora of different clients who might need our services. Even though my friends and I aren’t actually transacting  business while socializing over beers and hoops, we do talk about the people we’re working with, and there have been times where their client needs a map to PPC Associates’ core competencies (and vice versa). When such a confluence happens, introductions are made, and professional relationships can potentially develop from those introductions.
Of course, there are also current client referrals. When clients are really happy with their experiences, they are likely to recommend their consultants to others who might have similar needs. Professional services are such a critical part of business success that it would be hard for a major company to justify any marketing contractor relationship without a trusted recommendation. Therefore, when an employee performs at a high level for a current client, he/she might be laying the groundwork for further business from a new client.
To sum everything up, I don’t have direct Sales/Marketing responsibility for PPC Associates…however, I (and my teammates) have a tremendously important Sales/Marketing role to play. Everything we do as paid search professionals on and off the job needs to be top-notch because we’re not only being evaluated by our teammates and our current clients but by prospective clients as well. If prospects see us as the ticket to increased corporate revenue, the consulting discussion begins, and it could be any gesture, idea, or action totally isolated from any direct Sales/Marketing function that leads to the commencement of the Sales/Marketing conversation.
Todd Mintz, Senior SEM Manager

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