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Embedded posts: breakdown and significance

Published: August 2, 2013

Author: Audrey Cueto

Since Facebook’s impressive Q2 earnings report last week, the company has have revealed a few more interesting plans, including this week’s announcement of Embedded Posts.
So what are Embedded Posts? Here’s what you should know:
What’s the difference?
How many times have we seen blogs, articles, or other websites post screenshots of a Facebook post to share a special promotion, validate an event, or share a quote? How many times have we tried to click on these images only to find out it takes us nowhere? Facebook Embedded Posts now enhance and simplify this sharing process.
Embedded posts allow users to share Facebook updates on any third-party site. Additionally, they allow you to share a specific article, link, photo, or status that also include additional call to action buttons, such as “Like Page” seen in CNN’s example below:
Facebook embedded post
Having the additional option to “Like” or “Follow” a brand on Facebook via Embedded Posts allows you to market your entire brand with an interactive post.
Facebook also mentioned yesterday that “when embedded, posts can include videos, hashtags, and other content.” This is essentially an interactive screenshot with strong potential to keep users engaged. Clicking on a hashtag through an embedded post, for example, will bring the user to other related content on Facebook:
embedded hashtags
By giving users the option to take multiple actions at once, brands retain user engagement and trust the credibility of the site that embeds your post.

The future of Embedded Posts

Earlier this year, Twitter released improvements to Embedded Tweets, something very similar to Facebook’s Embedded Posts. If Twitter’s success with Embedded Tweets is an indicator, Facebook doesn’t have much to worry about.
Being able to track your social media activity is key for all brands. Allowing external sites to embed your posts gives your brand the opportunity to reach a much wider and relevant audience. Tracking which sites have embedded your posts will provide you with a lot of great data to work with. You’ll know which types of posts are more engaging than others, which audience segments prefers sharing hashtag posts over image posts, and more.
It is important for your brand to publish posts that are both appealing to your target audience and relevant to your marketing goals now that your brand has the opportunity to reach an even wider audience with Facebook. Generate as much original content as you can instead of sharing other posts/articles. Experiment with hashtags you feel will catch on and expand your social media presence.
This feature is another step in making Facebook content easier to access outside of Facebook. Naturally, Facebook can expect more traffic, and so should you.
Remember that your embedded posts link directly to your page. And where appropriate, your updates can appear under relevant content when someone clicks on a hashtag. In essence, the story is still the same: keep creating quality content. But the difference is that the potential for increased visibility has increased dramatically with this new release.

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