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How to Effectively Leverage Lead Ads for a New Product or Brand Launch

Published: July 11, 2017

Author: Evan Routzong

As with any startup or new brand launch, there will always be debate regarding how much budget to allocate towards Brand Awareness vs. other pre-launch initiatives, but most will agree that at least some pre-launch marketing is essential for success. So what’s the most effective way to drum up attention, garner brand recognition, and build a following?
The answer is likely to leverage a mix of platforms like YouTube, GDN, Facebook, and Instagram – and each platform offers a unique benefit. While GDN and YouTube offer cheap impressions, allowing you to get in front of a large audience at a relatively low cost, Facebook/Instagram offer powerful targeting to help you get in front of your most valued audiences in an environment where they can engage and share with others. All of the aforementioned can provide valuable Brand Awareness and feed into post-launch remarketing initiatives, but we’ve found one strategy in particular that has paid off tremendously on Facebook and Instagram: Lead Ads.
Lead ads have been around for a while, although traditionally used for finding warm leads for B2B. As I’ll explain, this format can also be great for new B2C product or brand launches as well. For those unfamiliar with the format, here’s an example showing the form lead process after a user clicks your ad:

Here are some of the main benefits new businesses can find through leveraging Lead Ads:

  • Cheap Leads! Lead Ads offer the unique opportunity for new businesses to collect emails at a relatively cheap cost/email. These leads come at a lower price for a couple of reasons:
  • Leads are collected within the platform so a user doesn’t actually have to leave Facebook and visit your site to subscribe or join a mailing list.
  • Lead forms are pre-populated with email information, so it’s easier than ever for users to sign up or subscribe.

Here’s a look at performance from a single week of running Lead Ads vs. Traditional Ads in Facebook – leads were 61% cheaper when collected through Lead Ads vs. through Traditional Ads directing traffic to our website:

  • Ability to learn from your audience – An additional benefit of Lead Ads is that the advertiser has the ability to collect additional important information through a survey question they believe might inform their marketing approach. For instance, a new product may offer a number of unique benefits to the user, but the advertiser may not know which benefit is most important to their audience. By simply adding a multiple-choice question with the main value props, they can quickly and effectively gain insight on this while collecting leads.
  • Ability to segment the emails you collect for effective tailored remarketing – Since you’re collecting a survey response alongside emails, you can effectively segment those emails based on responses. For example, if 25% of your leads said they would use your product one way and the other 75% would use it another way, you should remarket to these audiences separately with creative & messaging that will resonate with their intent.
  • Utilize your email lists to develop Lookalike audiences for prospecting campaigns – Once email lists are segmented based on survey response, you can create Lookalike Audiences for each group. Lookalikes are powerful targeting tools available when you’re aiming to initially scale up on the platform.

So, we’ve found there are a number of benefits to leveraging Lead Ads in launch strategies – advertisers can build robust remarketing lists, develop seed audiences for Lookalike targeting, gain valuable insights through surveying, and earn brand lift as a natural byproduct of prospecting efforts. If you’re interested in collecting emails, Lead Ads are likely worth a test!
…stay tuned for a follow-up blog post where I’ll provide a few tips and explain the steps for setting up a successful lead ad campaign.

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