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How and Why to Edit the Comments on Your Facebook Ads

Published: November 21, 2014

Author: Kristina McLane

I think most of us can agree that page post ads are great. One of my favorite aspects is that people can comment on, like, and even share page post ads.   Because they pretend to be real posts, people are tricked into interacting organically with these ads. Every additional ‘like’ and comment can give credibility as well as momentum. When others share, your ad has even greater reach with their very own friend’s stamp of approval.
There is a famous proverb that “any press is good press”. However, negative press never leaves us with warm and fuzzy feelings, especially when we are literally paying for that negativity with every click.  While it is great having people comment on our ads with notes of agreement or praise, those negative or irrelevant comments are not going to help our ad’s performance.
Messaging like the one above is not the type of press that we want. This is when we need to hide these comments to keep them from affecting ad performance! While the original poster of this unusual or negative post and all of their friends will still be able to see the original comment, the rest of Facebook will not. This saves time having to create a brand new ad without negative press (and any of the previous good press that the ad had build up!), and it certainly helps save brand reputation.
Hiding these comments can be done in the Power Editor. When you click on the ad, you will be given the option to “View post permalink with comments”. Once there, you just have to hover over the comment and click the ‘x’ or hide button.
It takes a few seconds to skim ads to see if any comments should be hidden, but it could save you money and time in the future.

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