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“eCommerce + Retail” Series: Shop ‘Til You Drop

Published: October 2, 2018

Author: Madeline Fitzgerald

During this 3Q Accelerate Week, we are focusing on driving growth for retail and eCommerce companies and exploring challenges/tactics unique to them in the digital world.
Today, the focus is on Google Shopping (and other shopping engines) and testing some advanced tactics to meet the demand you just learned how to generate for your products.
When it comes to meeting demand, many retailers are now spending more on Google Shopping campaigns than on standard search campaigns. Given the more visual nature of these ads, and the fact that you can prequalify on price, it’s no wonder these are no longer just a supplement to traditional search.

Given this, do you feel you’re making the most of the opportunity on these campaigns? When your brand name is appearing directly alongside your much larger, higher-budgeted competitors, it’s important to do everything you can to garner traffic while maintaining efficiency. If you’ve already got the basics down (you’re separating by brand/non-brand, you’re using the Alpha-Beta for Shopping structure, etc.), here are some tips for more advanced advertisers:

  • Optimize your feed on a recurring basis. 3Q’s approach is to optimize feeds on a query basis. This means we are constantly mining the search query report (SQR) for our Shopping campaigns and running token analysis (segmenting data by individual words in a query) – all to help understand what words users choose to talk about our products, and how we can align our feed data and messaging for maximum relevance. Additionally, we do research to understand what better options may be out there, not just focusing on language we’ve used historically. For one client, we were able to drastically improve reach and efficiency by swapping out a title word to a synonym with much higher organic search volume. Remember: these research and update processes should be recurring, as search volume trends are never static.
  • Keep testing new features. You don’t need us to tell you that Google releases changes, updates, and new tools constantly. If you’re not testing the latest, you’ll be behind the greatest. Taking things to the next level, working with an agency like 3Q can be instrumental in getting you access to new Beta features before they’re released to the public. Some super-awesome Shopping tricks we’ve been testing recently: brand new demographic layers, new YouTube ad formats, and GDN tactics to improve reach and exposure to your product feed! (For more details, hang tight until these features reach public release, or come talk to us.)
  • Take your Google Shopping learnings elsewhere. Google isn’t the only comparison-driven Shopping network out there. If you’re already on Bing, why not test what’s already working for you on the Google side and set up some Bing Shopping campaigns? (This is especially strong for any B2B advertisers who sell a physical good and are looking to take up more SERP space.) Beyond that, comparison shopping engines (CSEs) like the eBay Commerce Network and Connexity can be great channels to increase your reach. See Will Cozart’s tips on determining CSE fit here in our latest eCommerce whitepaper. Lastly: Amazon. If you’re already selling on Amazon but haven’t tested any Sponsored Products ads, you’re missing out on a valuable (and massive) segment of shoppers who begin their purchase journey on the eCommerce giant’s platform.

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