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Don’t Miss Out on These 3 Big Benefits of Custom Audiences

Published: December 30, 2013

Author: Melissa Polsky

Facebook’s Custom Audience targeting feature has been around for quite some time, but it can often be overlooked and unused. Not using this feature could be a huge loss for your business. Keep reading for a few ideas you can implement right away.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the feature, Facebook allows advertisers to Moneyupload a list of emails, phone numbers, or Facebook user IDs to the ads manager or Power Editor. Facebook then matches the data provided with information on Facebook profiles, allowing advertisers to target specific people. Looking past the slight creepiness of this feature, it is actually a great way to target potential and current customers, and also see an increase in sales. Here are three ways to leverage the tool:

Target Current Customers

Searching for the best way to reach your customers with promotions, events, or announcements? Custom Audience targeting is a great way to do so. By uploading a list of current customers (provided they agree to be targeted in such a fashion), you can create Facebook campaigns targeted directly at them. Plus, when using News Feed placements, you get the added bonus of your customers sharing that content with their friends on Facebook, amplifying the reach and impact.

Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences are quite possibly one of the best benefits of using Custom Audiences. After uploading a list of your client information, Facebook will create a new list of profiles that are similar to the initial list you provided. There are two options when creating a lookalike list – Similarity or Reach. Choosing Similarity will return a list that is smaller, but contains profiles that more closely resemble the customers on your initial list. Selecting Reach will return a larger audience to target, but the users may not resemble your initial list as closely.
The best use for this feature is prospecting. For example, Chelsea’s Cookie Company could upload a list of their current customers’ phone numbers. Then, using the lookalike audience feature, Facebook will allow Chelsea to target people who share similar interests and behaviors as her current customer base. In two minutes, Chelsea has access to other potential cookie lovers on Facebook and can target them with ads to purchase her cookies.
Please note that the lookalike feature is currently only available in the Audiences section on Power Editor.
Cookie Customers
Similar Audience

Enhancing Email or Direct Marketing Campaigns

If you are running email drip campaigns or doing any direct marketing, chances are that you have collected these customers’ email addresses and phone numbers. Why not use Facebook ads to supplement these campaigns? Using Custom Audiences, you can upload the email addresses currently in your drip campaign and target these same people with similar content, articles, and messages via Facebook ads. It is an incredibly simple way to create more interest and increase the likelihood of these users taking the desired action.
So whether you’re looking to find new customers, supplement an existing marketing campaign, or target current customers, Custom Audiences are a great tool to implement into your Facebook strategy. Search for new ways to make this feature work for your business, and don’t miss out on the opportunities that Custom Audiences provide.
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