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Diversity and Inclusion: 4 Tips for the Workplace

Published: March 28, 2018

Author: Meredith Ausenbaugh

Creating a more diverse, inclusive culture has been one of 3Q Digital’s biggest initiatives since 2017, and it’s not just about becoming a better business; it’s about being better people. As part of this initiative, we present a weeklong blog series dedicated to issues we’re trying to address, how we’re trying to address them, and the challenges we’re encountering as we go.
Diversity and inclusion are two key elements that every workplace strives to incorporate in its culture. After all, every employee wants to be in an environment where not only their voice, but the factors that set them apart, can shine and contribute to something bigger. While these qualities are typically the crown jewel of any office, diversity and inclusion can’t just happen overnight. An emphasis on discussion and action is necessary. Here at 3Q, we have done some serious work to make sure these are a priority at every level, and you can read on to find out some of our top tips!

Use inclusive language.

One of the first steps towards fostering diversity is making sure all employees feel recognized and included. Be sure that all company language, from the boilerplate on job listings to weekly email updates, reflects the workplace you want to embody.

Ask questions and proactively solicit input.

At 3Q it’s no secret that we love the stories data can tell, and we will use it to make positive change whenever possible. With various working groups focused on facets of diversity ranging from hiring to thought, we make it a priority to get feedback on these topics from our peers. Short surveys allow us to be proactive in taking a pulse on the varying perspectives that one topic might have, and we use these results to foster a more enriching workplace.

Provide a nursing room for new parents who need it.

In the Chicago office, each of our conference rooms or phone booths is named after famous Chicago movies (think: Home Alone, Blues Brothers, Sixteen Candles) and Baby’s Day Out is the space for new parents in need of nursing or changing.

Part of fostering diversity and inclusion is carving out space for everyone.

Working styles of parents are constantly evolving, and it’s important to accommodate that. Having the availability of a nursing room gives the privacy needed for a specific purpose — and it avoids the added stress of finding a vacant conference room in a pinch.

Accomodate the needs to collaborate and unplug.

Life at 3Q definitely involves a fair amount of collaboration between different teams and channels in order to meet monthly and quarterly goals. In addition to open kitchen spaces conducive to morning or lunchtime chatter, each office, from San Diego to Vermont, has designated community areas with couches, chairs, and a TV to regroup or touch base in a more casual setting. For the introverts among us, we have smaller rooms where coworkers can go to work in a quieter setting away from the daily buzz of the office.
These quick tips are just the beginning of what it takes to make any company diverse and inclusive, but they are a great start. Do you have any tips on how to make an office more diverse? Leave a comment below!

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