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How to dial up spend and scale on a Mobile burst campaign

Published: August 18, 2014

Author: Bill Cleere

It’s no secret that Facebook is a breeding ground for inexpensive – and, in many cases, retainable – mobile app users. However, scaling on Facebook can be a challenge for a mobile app campaign, particularly if you need to do it quickly. A burst campaign on Facebook must be a well-orchestrated symphony of many moving parts.
1. Spend: So often just dialing up the budget and throwing in some new creatives will still result in slow spend. While Facebook’s algorithms are still out trying to find quality users similar to your targeting, the methodical nature of Facebook’s internal acquisition methods can work slowly. Try to resist the temptation to simply dial the spend up to 11 just to try to pump up the volume; that usually just skyrockets CPAs over the long term. Also precarious is flipping on a CPC campaign with a high bid. You can definitely see spend go up, but CPAs will follow suit, and the money will burn quickly. A large number of smaller campaigns with lower spend is very often the key to increasing spend with low CPAs intact.
2. Creative and targeting: Spreading out a very large number of creatives over several different target groups and campaigns is a key strategy. By large I mean large. We recently ran up a campaign from a $1k a day spend to $5k a day. As we climbed up that ladder, we added almost 70 new creatives and came up with 25 different targeting groups. Through this we came up with 100 campaigns at $50 each. That got Facebook spending closer to the daily budget on those smaller campaigns.
3. Reiteration, optimization: Of course with this many campaigns running, there’s going to be no shortage of optimization needs.   But since we have more campaigns with smaller spends, optimization is easier based on having smaller control groups. Adding and subtracting new campaigns and ads becomes more granular, but far more effective.
4. Specialization: Another element of boosting up a campaign that can drive installs is mixing in completely different types of creatives and install incentives. These do not have to be discount-or incentive-based! For our campaign we ran seasonal ads in addition to the standard ads to give some of the campaigns an immediacy and specialization. It also opens the door for additional creative strategies, and thus more opportunities for ad impressions, installs, and a quick ramp up to a big scale without sacrificing quality and particularly the cost of new users.
Have you run burst campaigns or ramped up scale rapidly on Facebook? Share some strategies that have helped you succeed!

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