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Determine Facebook campaign tactics by account type

Published: May 13, 2015

Author: Kristina McLane

When an account expands to social for the first time, there are a few general guidelines that I follow:

1. Set a predetermined budget.

2. Don’t oversell the return and set realistic expectations.

3. Start smart.

Starting smart means you should logically start with ad types and targeting that align with your type of account. eCommerce, lead generation, and business-to-business accounts should be treated like entirely different animals. These types of accounts look at different success metrics and target different types of people at different stages of sales cycle.


For B2B accounts, a logical place to start is with Custom Audiences. Facebook is primarily seen as a personal account, not work-related. Custom Audiences still allow you to target existing site visitors or existing leads. These ads remind the Facebook user that you exist, even when they are not focusing on work. These are still relevant impressions and branding.
Custom Audiences can be generated through a website pixel, phone numbers, or emails. I prefer to use a website pixel to compile a larger list to start. Not everyone attaches their phone number or work email to their personal Facebook account. Using a website pixel to create the Custom Audience creates a larger list that can more effectively be layered with additional targeting.

Lead Generation 

Custom Audiences is another logical place to start for lead generation accounts. This can be especially effective when there has already been demonstrated success in remarketing campaigns in Google.  For lead generation accounts, my preference again towards to lean to website pixels.
Another smart start for a new lead generation account is to always include a call-to-action button. Buttons make things very simple by telling the viewer exactly what to do next. It is never a good idea to confuse the viewer on the next step. Facebook lets you choose any of the following as a call-to-action button:


-Book Now

-Learn More

-Shop Now

-Sign Up

Though ‘shop now’ is not the most relevant, any of the other buttons will help get the visitor to the website, which is the first step to any successful online advertisement campaign. 


eCommerce is the best-aligned account type with Facebook ads. Many, myself included, see success in business-to-business and lead generation on Facebook. However, new features on Facebook give eCommerce accounts a lot of new options to try.
Multi-product ads have produced quite the buzz in the Facebook ads world for the past few months. They allow you to show multiple images and offers that relate to your product. Though these can be used in lead generation accounts, this ad type is a smart place to start for eCommerce accounts. Multi-product ads allow the ad to highlight multiple products or offers that are available on the website. Using multi-product ads with dynamic remarketing is another smart introduction to Facebook ads. 
Lastly, for any direct response campaign, call-to-action buttons are again a must. eCommerce accounts are included in this. The “Shop Now” or “Book Now” call-to-action buttons are created specifically for our eCommerce accounts.

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