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Dear Google Santa: All I Want for the Holidays is…

Published: December 13, 2013

Author: Susan Waldes

Dear Google Santa: All I Want for the Holidays is…
Dear Google.
2013 saw the biggest release of AdWords features in many years, and the kids over here at 3Q are very appreciative of all the goodies we’ve gotten:  broad release of RLSA, control of latency period in conversion tracking, enhanced sitelinks and so much more.
Call us spoiled brats if you must, but Google, we’ve been so nice this year, and only a tiny bit naughty, and we have a couple (well, a few) things we would like for Christmas:

1. Okay, so we know we had some doubts about Enhanced Campaigns, but we behaved politely and ultimately came to the understanding that you know best. But still, you have to sometimes adjust to us kids’ needs a bit too, right? I mean, we have to follow these rules every day, so here a few asks on the Enhanced Campaigns improvement side.

a. The tablets. Google, they are just not actually the same as desktops! Can we pretty- please-with-a-cherry-on-top get a bid modifier there?

b. Know how you released those estimated total conversions metrics in October? Means you have the logged-in user data across devices, right? So, it would be so easy for you to toss in cross-device remarketing on these users! We could finally easily and truly reengage those mobile researchers. Think of how much this would really increase the Full Value of Mobile.

c. Enhanced is all about eliminating unnecessary duplication, correct? So, don’t you think a mechanism for split-testing landing pages when you have keyword-level destination URLs fits right in here? You have to duplicate in the current set-up, and we know you prefer us not to duplicate…

d. I know we’ve been asking for search partner control for years  and we understand, not every kid can get a pony. Now that we are more mature, we have an idea for a compromise. Maybe you can add search partner bid modifiers within the enhanced environment? Or, if you wanna give us a real pony (inclusion and exclusion of search partners at the campaign level with site-specific reporting and control), we promise to take really good care of it and ride it every day.

2. We’ll remind you that unlike some, we did not freak about the sunset of the free shopping results. As seasoned SEMs, we understand that we want control over these things; we’ll pay for it if we get the ability to tune it for our clients. Just a few teeny weeny requests that would make Product Listing Ads even better:

a. Impression share reports

b. Forced query-to-product mapping

c. Average rank reporting

3. We love all the new GDN capabilities – the combined managed and automatic placement reporting, the new features like similar users, dynamic remarketing, in-market targeting and interactive ads. Seems like you are taking it to the next level and competing with the big boys! So, here are just a few things to keep it moving in that direction that we would humbly appreciate. Trust me, Google: this will be as good for you as it is for us.

a. Real split testing of image creative! We are constantly hampered by the lack of true A/B image ad testing in GDN. When we can nail a winner for a client, you benefit too; we’ll scale impressions through the roof! Problem is, you refuse to give us even impressions splits under the current model.

b. Speaking of which, we’d love to be able to have a creative library for these assets. We want to not only rotate them, but archive, report and manage more cleanly for our clients.

c. Oh, and since you are at the “GDN enhancements” shop anyhow…it’d be super-fancy if you let us control that impression a tiny bit more. Like creating user-level impression blacklists so we could do a true PSA test. Again, this one is really for your own good and would make that much ignored view-through metric you added a couple years ago, finally get the attention it deserves.

2. Tools are a classic gift, and we love tools! Especially the AdWords Editor. We use the one you got use in 2006 every single day. Just a couple accessories, please:

a. Support for labels

b. Current intra-day reporting (Pssssttt…the other guys, ahem Bing, have it)

c. Call extension support

d. Bulk editing for ages, categories, and interests in GDN

3. Our SEO team has a few asks too while you are hooking us up. Really, they are not huge. (Maybe you can appreciate that we aren’t even asking for you to give us any “not provided” data like everybody else.)

a. Could we get more than 90 days of data in Webmaster tools?

b. Some support for the long tail, like more accurate numbers than the current <10 metric

4. We had just a few extra little stocking stuffer ideas if you don’t mind listening. Anything other than a lump of coal will do, and we never say no to candy, but if you want to be really nice…

a. Combined gender and age reporting

b. Ability to cut out those “unspecified” geo clicks 

c. A/B testing in extensions (sitelinks & reviews!)

d. Ability to have separate columns for different  conversion actions in reporting tables

e. Date segments on auction insights reports

f. Take off the limits on ad scheduling

Thanks, Google. You’re the best. Hope everything is well on the barge. Send our love to the self-driving elves and Rudolf the red-nosed penguin for us. I know it seems like there is a lot of stuff on our list, but we promise to scrub our negatives and clean our placements all the time next year!
The 3Q Kids
P.S. We didn’t any leave cookies out this year, because we know you are trying to get off the cookies.
P.P.S. If you can’t accommodate the list, we’ll take Google Glass instead! About 85 units will cover us.

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