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Create Your Ideal Twitter Audience

Published: May 16, 2015

Author: Kimberley LeSueur

After speaking at the Zenith Conference I knew I had to make sure everyone knew the answer to the question “why throw your hat in with Twitter advertising?” Chances are the people you want to reach are already Tweeting away! Twitter currently has:

16.3M moms

19.4M fashionistas

15.5M cost conscious shoppers

28.3M millennials

According to AdWeek, Twitter’s fastest-growing demographic is 55–64 year-olds! So if you’re looking at growing your audience, you might want to look at new Twitter users, which are most likely in the older age brackets. As Twitter’s user base grows, you’ll have a wider variety of users to target, supposing they’re all part of your market.

Define your audience

There are a few great options for defining your audience to make sure your advertising hits the mark. Good categories include:
Interests: Connect with Twitter users based on their passions. Scale your reach with over 350 interest categories. This is a great option when you want to target more broadly.
Keywords: Reach people that search, Tweet about or engage with specific keywords. Deliver messages to users in the right moment based on what they’ve recently Tweeted or engaged with in Tweets.
Followers: Reach people with specific interests or who are similar to followers of specific accounts. This is the recommended option when you’re looking to target a niche audience.
Television: Reach people who Tweet about, or engage with Tweets related to specific television programming.

Tailor your audience

Not only are there great ways to define the audience, you can further refine it with the following options:
Device: Target users based on the device they’re using to access Twitter. You can choose by OS version, device, and WiFi connectivity.
Geography and language: Connect with a global audience or narrow the reach of your campaign to a specific country, state or even zip code. If you have language-specific messaging, you can also reach people who Tweet in that particular language.
Gender: Tailor a specific message to men or women to increase relevance.
Or you can reach users on Twitter who you currently market to via other channels. With Tailored Audiences, you can use your own CRM lists to target these groups with a specific message.

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