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How to Create High CTR Ads for Facebook

Published: April 17, 2014

Author: Ryan Pitylak


There are two main components to driving a successful Facebook marketing campaign. Those components are proper audience targeting and the right creative for your audience. By studying your company’s brand thoroughly, you can produce the right creative and copy for maximum impact on your target audience. To get to this point, there is a four-step process to completion.

Step 1. Investigation

To initiate a successful marketing campaign with a new client, your first step is investigation. Careful questions should collect information about the client’s goals, image, and target. Positioning the creative to reach the largest amount of the targeted audience is the key, so it pays to know exactly what the client’s brand is all about. Other data from past campaigns, and product information is also helpful in determining what direction to go. By spending time investigating, you can put together a cohesive picture for the brand.

Step 2. Development

Once the data is gathered, it is time to proceed to developing a creative. Taking the results of the investigation, you can create a written brief that describes the client’s brand identity, their target audience demographics, and where they want to take this campaign. This is used as a reference guide as the campaign goes forward.
From this guide, a marketing plan is developed including both creative images and written copy that will effectively advertise the brand identity to the chosen market. From there’s it’s easy to work with the client to develop and finalize ads.

Step 3. Test Run

Once you get ad approval from the client, start a test run to get real results from the developed marketing plan. By testing the ads on Facebook, you can identify the ads that produce the best results and eliminate those that produce the worst results.
Time and refinement will help you choose the best ad or ads. These ads can be varied and replicated for continued success. By rotating ads in and out, you can make them seem fresh to the targeted audience.

Step 4. Rev Up

Now it is time to really put the plan into action by scaling up the amount of ads. With the target demographic determined, ads are displayed to lookalike demographics (people with similar traits to the original target). By continuing to look for customers in this way, you can continually grow spend on Facebook advertising with significant results. This can boost advertising spend from $0-$60K in just 60 days.
Determining the right number of ads is dependent on each client’s circumstances and their audience. Mobile applications tend to be able to use ads for longer periods of time, while e-commerce companies need to cycle them more often. Each situation is unique and needs to be considered as a unique case.
It takes practice and implementation over a period of time to fully understand which ads work well on Facebook. But you can get phenomenal results by leveraging best practices with experience.

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