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Content Marketing Meets Retargeting

Published: September 3, 2014

Author: Molly Shotwell

Content marketing has become increasingly important as brands aim to build trust and engage with new and existing consumers. 90% of B2C marketers leverage content marketing, and 60% of B2C marketers expect their content marketing budget to increase this year, according to the Content Marketing Institute.
What are marketers doing with all of this content? Most of us are distributing it on social media platforms and publisher sites across the Internet. Not surprisingly, Facebook is at the top of the list; 89% of all B2C marketers use Facebook to distribute content. While content distribution on these channels has been steadily rising, marketers’ confidence about its effectiveness hasn’t. And with good reason – what good is your content if it’s not getting in front of the right (interested!) audience?
What if you could show your content to people who have already raised their hands? By pairing your content marketing strategies with dynamic retargeting, you can do just that. Deliver highly relevant content to people who have already shown interest in your company, and drive continued conversations (and revenue!) with a highly engaged audience.
For example, let’s say you’re thinking about taking a trip to Hawaii. You’re dreaming of lying in a hammock at a beachfront hotel, and while you’ve browsed through a few hotel listings, you aren’t exactly ready to book anything just yet. You would, however, be interested in a Hawaii travel guide that informs you of the various beaches where you might stay, top sights and attractions, and hotel reviews.
Rather than hoping your users stumble across the perfect travel guide on your website, make your content work harder with highly relevant ads that drive them directly back to this content, at which point they can continue planning their trip.

How does content retargeting work?

If you’re currently working with a retargeting partner, they already have tons of consumer data from your retargeting campaigns, enabling you to retarget customers in two ways:

-Increase consideration with potential customers.

-Leverage your existing content to move potential customers through the purchase funnel until they’re ready to book.

-Drive engagement with existing customers.

-Continue the conversation after they’ve booked! Retarget existing customers with relevant content so they continue booking their dream vacation.

Where can you retarget?

Content ads can be shown anywhere you’re currently doing retargeting – on the Facebook News Feed and news feeds across the Internet.
Content retargeting drives consumer engagement, leading to more than a one-time click, but to brand loyalty and repeat conversions (read: more revenue!). Make your content marketing work harder and unlock more revenue with content retargeting.
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