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Content Marketing for the B2B Space

Published: March 19, 2018

Author: Sonya Rosen

Marketers have often struggled with the best way to engage with potential leads in the B2B marketing space. Business to business marketing is focused on speaking to a whole organization rather than an individual and tends to have a much longer buying cycle. The decisions are often made by multiple people, so the point of the sale is relationship-driven rather than solely product-driven. Therefore, B2B marketers must show that their organizations are trustworthy and can add value to potential clients.
In the “Digital Social Age” that we are currently living in, sharing ideas and content is as simple as clicking a button. People are starving for content and are constantly looking to social media platforms to source and share information. Organizations have taken note and are working to implement content marketing into their overall marketing strategy. Most organizations recognize the need for promoting content, but they often get stuck when thinking about what type of content to promote.

Add Value

In this day and age, there is an overwhelming amount of content and information. The most important part of content marketing is being able to add value and help solve a problem. If your content does not provide immediate value to the user,  it is probably not worth creating or advertising. The goal is to create engaging and interesting content that people will want to share with their network. Note that when users share your content, it is free, qualified advertising.

Industry Updates / Benchmarks / Stats

What’s new in your industry? How does that affect your clients? How does that affect the end consumer? Think of how you can share this visually – infographic, video, carousel, etc. Make it “thumb-stopping” and highly visual, since infographics are more powerful than words. Use this opportunity to show off your knowledge on your industry, while providing helpful and interesting information that people will feel compelled to share.

Whitepapers / Webinars

Promoting physical pieces of content that users can own, such as a whitepaper, is a great way to gain brand awareness and is also measurable. Think of any holes of info in your industry and how you can provide that information in a compelling and useful way, while showing off your organization’s unique selling point. The use of content like this is a great way to capture potential leads’ contact information.

Blog Posts

Although these don’t always have to be advertised, posting on a blog and sharing the posts via organic social is a great way to increase engagement with current clients and potential leads. Use this opportunity to share thoughtful think-pieces and increase engagement. By maintaining a blog, it shows how qualified your organization is, which will lead to more trust between you and your clients. Additionally, it is a great way to get picked up by bigger publishers within your industry and gain some earned media.

Interactive Calendar

Share the upcoming events/pivotal dates for your industry, as well as your organization’s events. Allow for the calendar to integrate with GCal/Outlook or other popular calendars so your events will be top of mind. This is a unique piece of content that can help you stand out from your competitors.

Training / Tutorials

Provide one-page tutorials, quick videos, and/or interactive tools in order to teach people how to use your services or services that are pertinent to your industry. In order to maximize engagement, work on making these highly visual and interactive. Consider housing them on a central landing page where you can easily capture all potential leads’ contact info.


Newsletters are a great way to capture potential leads by sharing updates and valuable information. A newsletter can help maintain a relationship with your client and keep them engaged, and it is also a great way to promote all the other content you have created.

Remember, create content that adds value and helps solve a problem. Create solutions, not clutter!

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