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What Can Game of Thrones Teach us About Social Media?

Published: April 14, 2014

Author: Dayna Moon

If you are a fan or watch the highly acclaimed HBO series #GameofThrones and dabble in the social media landscape, then you undoubtedly have seen several of the parodies recently created, including this latest video from Hootsuite showcasing the different kingdoms and their rise to power.
Whatever your kingdom (or social channel), there are a bunch of #GOT-themed tenets that hold true. Let’s swing a sword at some of them.

“Stick ’em with the pointy end” – The Great Content End, that is

Power in the social media landscape equals great content, but with great power comes great responsibility. What makes your content so great? Here’s the secret: It’s you, it’s your voice, it’s your style, and all of these elements tied together are your brand. Share what you know with your audience and let them know what you want them to do.
As the social media battlefield continues to fill with pages and pages of social content, a “call to arms” – by which I mean “actions” like share, retweet, click, and sign-ups – will have a positive impact on performance.

Winter …errr, Summer is coming

In the real world, as the warmer months approach, so does the lure of sunny days – and with that, the threat of fragmented audiences. Thankfully as we raise our banners to head for warmer climates, social media allows us to stay connected – besides, we can’t all live in King’s Landing. So what does that mean for brands? Think mobility.

By what right does the wolf have to judge the lion? The race for to the iron (mobile) throne

All pigeons and scrolls aside, technology has revolutionized mobile advertising, providing a meaningful channel for marketers to interact and engage with their communities and target audiences, as referenced in Nielsen’s latest report. Facebook and Instagram combined account for over 140M (or 70% of the users in question) of the monthly social media unique audience using smartphone apps; Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest account for roughly 68M combined.
Looking to conquer new lands? LinkedIn posted the most aggressive growth via a smartphone browser (80% YOY). Facebook and Twitter still command a majority of the traffic at 93M and 56M, with growth rates hovering around the 30% mark. Considering almost half (47%) of smartphone owners visit social networks every day, we can expect this number to continue to climb month over month.

“Valar Morghulis”

On average, 500 Million tweets are sent, seen, and connected via the social media platform on any given day. But the average lifespan is only 18 minutes, which brings us back to why content is so vital to the success of any campaign – social- or kingdom-related. Post, tweet, chat, and snap what you know, because “The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.”

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