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Building a Rebranded Facebook Page, Part 3: Grow Fan Base

Published: February 12, 2014

Author: Sosse Makasdijan

I’ve set up a new Facebook page for my new company. Now what?!?!
So…as you’ve read in part 1 and part 2 of our four-part series on building great campaigns for a new Facebook page, we’ve: a) had to build a new Facebook brand page from scratch; and b) convinced most of our old fans to like our new site.
Part 3, which I’ll tackle today, will deal with how to build a healthy new fan base for our new brand page in anticipation of Part 4: building lead generation!
Let’s get started.
Before starting a campaign, it’s very important to lay out your goals so that you can map out the audience you want to reach with your ads. Do you want to target fans only? Friends of fans?  Everyone?
Once you have this figured out, you want to do some interest targeting. Targeting allows you to gain a more specific audience that has an interest in certain things, such as “marketing” or “small businesses”.
If you’re targeting for marketing purposes, you can also choose to include certain keywords that relate to marketing. The audience reach is displayed on the right hand side:
In this case of a rebrand, you want to reach as many people as possible because you also want your new brand name and company to be known across a very large audience. Our new Facebook page was a fresh start and a new opportunity to make it even stronger than it was before with more fans.
After deciding the audience you want to cater to, the next step is to create some ads with the new brand logo. The goal was to increase brand awareness and get as many fans of our former page as possible transitioned over to the new company page in addition to notifying non-fans about the new page. Once you come up with some catchy ad copy that’s consistent with your rebranded tone and messaging, you enter it into the text field and slap that new logo photo (or a photo of a cute dog wearing a logo t-shirt – hey, we’re going for likes here!) in there:
Logo Ad
I also created a sponsored story likes ad, which is very simple. There is no text; it is a simple likes ad that will let you know which friends have liked the page:

Sponsored Story Preview

These ads helped the 3Q Digital Facebook page accrue 3,021 after our launch on September 12th. (The PPC Associates Facebook page had about 450 organic likes over a span of 2 years.)
Even though I wasn’t around when the PPCA page was launched to tell you what happened differently, I will tell you this: You must always remember to take the right steps when creating campaigns to spread the news about your page. Before you even start to create ads, you need to measure your goals and know exactly what you want to gain from launching ads and campaigns. Once you have your goals set, you can start to tackle the next steps to Facebook page excellence!

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