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Building a Rebranded Facebook Page 2: Take Back the Likes!

Published: January 10, 2014

Author: Molly Shotwell

So you’ve just rebranded, you’re exhausted from all of the work, and all you’ve got to show for it on Facebook is a brand spankin’ new page with a grand total of 1 like: yourself (Facebook assumes you like your own page well enough to have created it).
You also have an old page with more than 200 likes, or you likely would have just changed the name of the Facebook page instead of creating an entirely new one (as we covered in part 1 of the series: the cutover).

No matter how you want to resolve the issue of having two pages, you’ll want to try to get as many people as possible from your old page to like your new page. This should seem obvious, but the first thing to do is to post announcing the change!
Change announcement
As people begin to like your new page, you have two options for how to deal with having multiple pages:
A) Once you’re satisfied that a majority of your fans have moved from one page to the other, simply delete your old page. Send it off to pasture. If you have a change of heart, you still have 2 weeks to abort the deletion process. You can use the imminent page deletion as a call to action to hopefully galvanize a few of the stragglers who like your old page to finally head over and like your new page.
Delete old page
B) The second, more complete way, is to go through the process of merging the two pages. The benefit of going this route is that you won’t lose any likes; however, the process is time-consuming and fairly involved.
1) As people like your new page, delete them off of your old page
2) Once you get to the point where you have less than 200 likes on the old page, and have more likes on the new page than on the old page,  change the name of your old page to something similar to that of the new page (I would likely have used “3Q Digital2”).
name change
3) Facebook will let you merge two pages that you moderate that have similar names. Merging carries over all of the likes from one page to the other, and deletes the page with fewer likes.
Merge page
The Facebook ad campaign that we ran in conjunction with our rebrand was so successful that within two weeks of our rebranding we had double the likes on 3Q Digital than we had accrued on our two-year-old PPC Associates page. We felt that the best decision in our case was to just go with option A and retire the old page.
Okay, so we have a new page, and we have fans. What’s next?
In part 3, we’ll begin a campaign on our new page to build brand awareness and a big, promising fan base.
In part 4, we’ll kick off a lead-gen campaign using our new fan base and assorted targeting options.
In part 5 (unpublished), we’ll let the sales team take us for a drink to celebrate the new leads they have coming in.
Stay tuned!

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