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Building a Rebranded Facebook Page 1: Cutover

Published: November 27, 2013

Author: Molly Shotwell

Old Facebook Page
How do you make a page like this go away?

Going through a rebrand and worried about the growing pains? Welcome to the club. Rebranding is a long and arduous process, and Facebook doesn’t make it any easier.
This series will cover four steps for a Facebook page rebrand: 1) cutting over the page (or not!); 2) getting fans of the old page to like the new page; 3) running brand-awareness campaigns to build your fan base; 4) and running lead gen campaigns after you’ve built up a good audience.
Let’s dive into part 1: cutting over your page.
Social media cutover (Link to the Social Media Cutover post from 3Q Blog) can be a largely painless process, so long as you get your ducks in a row and prepare as much as you can in advance.
Linkedin and Google+ are among the easier networks to deal with in terms of a name and branding change. Twitter is a bit more difficult in that people could potentially miss the change entirely, since you can (in a few steps) just transfer your old and account and all of your followers to a new one, but you can come up with an appropriate strategy to deal with that.
Facebook, on the other hand, seems almost resistant to change. Maybe it has to do with the backlash they receive from their redesigns, but Facebook makes it very difficult for business owners to change many of the details on their Facebook page.
How do I change my page name?
The first thing you have to realize about cutting over a Facebook page is that you really can’t just transfer your old page to a new one if you have over 200 likes.
Request name Change
I need to change the name of my Page
Facebook has a policy in place for name changes, and a form to submit (shown above), but if you take a look at their help forums, you can see that it largely doesn’t work. In theory, you should be able to submit a request asking for your page to have a name change, but there’s no word on how long it takes or what sort of approval process is required, and there is no way to schedule the name change if you want your rebranding to be a surprise.
Instead, it’s probably more feasible to simply create a new page and appeal to the fans of your old page to like your new page. You’ll need a new profile picture and cover image, and you’ll need to rewrite all of the page content, but be honest with yourself: you knew you were going to have to do that anyway.
Page visibility
Luckily, you can create the page well in advance of your rebranding and simply set it to be private (as above). This way, you can get it just the way you want it before your re-launch date without anyone seeing the page and ruining the surprise.
Not published
When you hit your rebrand date, you can simply log into Facebook and click the link to “publish [the] page,” and you’ll be in business.
Now that you’ve transferred your business to a new page, it’s time to work on transferring all of your fans. We’ll cover that on the next post.

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