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Breaking! The First Ever Conference on AdSense and Contextual Advertising

Published: February 24, 2009

Author: David Rodnitzky

A few years ago, a common mantra heard amongst search marketers was “stay away from the Google Content Network.” The conventional wisdom was that the content network was fraught with click fraud, difficult if not impossible to manage, and just wasn’t worth the time.
That was then. Today, Google’s Content Network – AdSense – as well as many other similar contextual products, like Quigo, AdKnowledge, IndustryBrains, and Business.com, are on the rise. For savvy advertisers, contextual advertising often offers lower CPCs and higher margins. For quality publishers, multiple networks combined with multiple ad units (video, mobile, in-text), and even an entire industry of contextual optimization companies (YieldBuild, PubMatic, Rubicon Project) has improved earnings per thousand impressions (eCPMs) dramatically.
If you look at Google’s earnings reports, you’ll see that AdSense contributes almost $7 billion a year to Google’s coffers. And there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of publishers around the world that make some or all of their livelihood off AdSense and related products. This might very well be the biggest industry no one talks much about.
So a few months ago, my friend Marc Phillips of SearchForecast came to me with a thought: shouldn’t there be a conference dedicated to contextual advertising? Millions of people are involved in a multi-billion dollar industry, and yet the maximum exposure this industry gets is at most a solitary panel at a multi-day search conference. And there’s a lot of tactical knowledge from which both publishers and advertisers could immediately profit. Plus, simply putting all the publishers and advertisers in the same room (along with the networks that glue the two together) is an awesome networking opportunity.
The more we talked about the idea, the more excited we became. We discussed the idea with the folks at Ad:Tech and they grasped the opportunity too. After months of planning, we’re now ready to announce . . . ADSPACE! April 22nd at Moscone Center West in San Francisco, co-located with Ad:Tech San Francisco.
The show has two tracks – one for publishers, and one for advertisers. If you’re an advertiser like yours truly, your sessions will be focused on practical, money-making tips to help you kick butt on AdSense and discover new contextual networks you should be advertising on but aren’t. The sessions on deck include:

  • Tools & Technologies: Using Targeting and Optimization to Achieve Success
  • Measurement & Metrics
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Placement Targeting vs Content Ads – What’s the Difference?
  • Emerging Platforms (Mobile, Video, Display)
  • Marketers Roundtable: the View from the Buy Side
  • Performance Branding

For publishers, you’ll learn how to increase eCPM for your Web sites, whether from better optimization of your current AdSense placements, through alternative monetization strategies, or a combination of AdSense and other advertising. Sessions include:

  • The State of Contextual Advertising
  • 10 Proven Methods to Increase Your eCPM and Generate More Revenue
  • AdSense Publisher Forum (Your chance to ask AdSense folks questions, live!)
  • Beyond Text Ads: In-Text, Affiliate, Lead-Gen, eBay and More!
  • The Secrets to Success: Tips and Tricks from Leading Publishers

for everyone in attendance, there will be two keynotes, to be announced shortly).
On top of all of that, there will also be an exhibit hall where you can learn about networks, tools, and technologies that can increase your profit, either as a publisher or advertiser.
And the price . . . right now it’s only $395 for the whole enchilada. Most conferences don’t let you get the free tote bag for that price! And if you are already registered for Ad:Tech, for $200 more you can add on ADSPACE (this is the early bird price).
I think this is an event who’s time has come. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be finalizing the speaker list (suggestions? email me at davidrod at g-mail), and providing more details on sponsors and events around the show. I hope you’re as excited as I am about this and I look forward to seeing you in SF in April!

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