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Breaking the Glass Ceiling with Neustar CMO, Lisa Joy Rosner: 5 Key Takeaways

Published: April 22, 2016

Author: Hillary Read

3Q Digital’s proprietary monthly event series, 3Q View, has taken flight throughout the past few months, offering our employees, clients, and beyond an insider’s perspective behind the country’s most inspiring and compelling entrepreneurs, humanitarians, and business leaders.
This month, we were privileged to host Neustar CMO Lisa Joy Rosner at our San Francisco office for a one-on-one conversation surrounding Silicon Valley’s highly publicized “glass ceiling,” and how we, both individually as an organization, can work to shatter it.
Lisa Joy’s not only an award-winning marketing professional; she’s also a loving wife and mother to four young children. So just how does she manage to balance both her personal and professional lives, all while commanding the respect she deserves as a world-class marketer? Here are five key components to her success:

  1. Be your own best advocate: When Lisa Joy launched her career in marketing more than 20 years ago, she didn’t sit back and wait for her superiors to determine her long-term career plan. Instead, she took charge of her own future, making it clear just what exactly she wanted, and how she was going to achieve it. Whether you’re a new employee (like myself) and are just getting to know your team members, or you’re a seasoned veteran within your organization, take the time to sit down with your manager(s) and make your short- and long-term goals known. You don’t get what you don’t ask for, so don’t be afraid to raise your hand if and when the right opportunity arises.
  2. Have a road map…that can flex: Although many young marketers often feel pressured to lay out their 15- or 20-year plans upon entering the field, Lisa Joy advises against doing so. While we might decide who we want to be early in our careers, we have to remember that life often changes; your significant other may receive a promotion in an entirely new city, or your industry of choice may downsize or even become obsolete. Instead, Lisa Joy recommends laying out a two- to five-year plan that allows for flexibility. Is your ultimate career objective to become a CMO? Instead of focusing solely on that long-term goal, examine and lay out the steps toward gaining the experience (and connections) necessary to earn the position.
  3. Find mentors: Even at the executive level, Lisa Joy still relies heavily on the guidance of her mentors. While reaching out to contacts who may be virtually unfamiliar with you or your work may seem daunting, don’t be afraid to summon the moxie to approach the people you admire and formulate a relationship that will, ultimately, turn into a mentorship. I, specifically, periodically check in with my mentors – an old professor and former boss – and find their advice beyond helpful. Even though many times the relationship can feel like a one-way street, Lisa Joy emphasizes the fact that, as younger professionals, we’re also helping our mentors keep up with what’s happening in the industry now, an aspect of the professional mentorship that’s incredibly invaluable and often goes unnoticed by mentees.
  4. Know your numbers: At 3Q Digital, math and data is integral to what we do. One of our core values, “Do The Math,” emphasizes the importance of data, both for the betterment of our clients and our peers. No matter your position, there are always numbers that you should regularly be tracking and managing. Lisa Joy advises that any good business person who wants to climb in their career needs to know (and regularly exceed) their numbers. Specifically, as women, Lisa Joy emphasizes that we as a whole are perceived as “soft” and “rarely metrics-driven”; by demonstrating quantitatively what we are accomplishing, we can ultimately work to dispel that notion.
  5. Determine your personal brand: One of the statements that resonated most with me from Lisa Joy’s presentation was, “What do you want people to say about you when you’re not in the room?” Along with being your own best advocate, Lisa Joy stresses the importance of determining just who that advocate will be. Specifically, in her case, Lisa Joy is known among her peers as an “execution machine,” regularly completing her projects efficiently, effectively, and within budget. Take the time to reflect on what your team members and superiors would say about you and your work; is there room for improvement, and is it representative of your personal brand?

Along with her professional reputation, Lisa Joy’s commitment to family is another facet of her all-encompassing personal brand. Although she became a mother later in her career, Lisa Joy never made it a point to hide that part of her life. Instead, she made a concerted effort to unify the two worlds, often bringing her children to larger marketing conferences and summits and even integrating them into her business presentations. Lisa Joy advises to always remain true to your authentic self, and determine what your “balance” is, as it won’t prevent you from advancing; if anything, it will help you succeed.
While Lisa Joy has achieved a great amount of professional success while balancing the demands of raising four young children, her philosophy is to “amortize your balance,” as she doesn’t believe you can have it all, every day. Instead, take stock in what you’re passionate about, and prioritize to make time for that passion within a given time period, whether it’s an hour, a day or even a month. Managing expectations will take stress off of your back and, ultimately, help you succeed.
Interested in taking part in our next 3Q View event? Join us on Tuesday, May 17th, when we’ll be joined by David Rojas of The Good Life Organization to hear his take on the importance of youth education as it relates to poverty alleviation.
Until next time!

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