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Bottom-Line Advice for Clueless Brands on Social Media Marketing

Published: November 8, 2013

Author: Molly Shotwell

Today’s post is by Ben Oren, marketing specialist and Director of SEO at WhiteWeb.
One thing we will never be is an advice column, so if you want to know anything about casseroles, how to get stains out of your carpet with ice and peanut butter, or what to do the next time your mother-in-law whips out the white glove and inspects your house, you are in the wrong place. We do enjoy, on the other hand, serving up the bittersweet treat that is social media marketing advice – after the fact, of course. For all of you nice businesses not paying attention, there have been some major flubs already this year as everyone tries to figure out how to approach social media marketing. Have we learned anything yet?


A wise man (it was probably a wise woman) once said, “It is wise to learn from your mistakes but wiser still to learn from the mistakes of others.” Read… learn… carry on.

Mega death For Men’s Warehouse

The Men’s Warehouse suit company made a fatal flaw by neglecting a customer. The most unfortunate part about this flaw is that they neglected the father of a major heavy metal rock star who is always vocal and rightly so. Had Joe from Tuna Town gone on a tangent on your FB business page as Mr. Dave Mustaine did, you may have sneaked by unscathed. The next time you slip up on a delivery, make sure it is one of us nobodies you usually screw and not a superstar’s father.
The bottom line: 10,000 likes in a month for being chewed out by a very popular yet angry Rock and Roller is not good for your image. Deliver the goods, improve your customer service, and hold your breath until it blows over. Either that, or changes your silly motto to something more appropriate, like… You’re gonna love the way you look… when and if you ever get the suit you purchased’.

The Burning Bush of Australia’s Sellitonline.com

Apparently, the Land Down Under, usually given the benefit of the doubt on anything simply because Australia is such a lovely place, is not immune to the Facebook social media marketing flub. The Australian-based Sellitonline.com posted it would donate to and support the fight against those terrible fires in the Tasmanian Bush, but only if you gave them a “like.” The response to this was immediate and full of its own kind of fire.
The bottom line is if you try to buy likes for charitable donations, you will not receive much charity. You get more likes for charitable donations without the “ransom demands.”

The Almighty NASCAR Rightly Divides Wrongly

In a February flub, the famous (or infamous) NASCAR disappearing video trick that fooled no one, with the possible exception of NASCAR. They post a YouTube wreck that involves injury to a slew of poor unfortunate fans and then delete it to spare the masses. Does NASCAR not know that deleting it would cause the video to catch viral-fire and burn up the internet? This terrible, tragic event is part of NASCAR history, and in most countries, people have every right to choose for themselves to either view it or not. Deleting it only deletes the right to choose.
The bottom line: respect the rights of the people to choose for themselves. You cannot giveth… and then taketh away unless you are the Almighty. (And NASCAR is pretty darn close.) Even if NASCAR did not post this on YouTube, they should have left it alone. A simple Content Warning should suffice.
If you enjoy The Bottom Line advice column for after the fact social media marketing flubs, you do not have to give us likes to get more. We are positive there will be much more material in the days ahead. The Bottom Line is… signing off.
Ben OrenBen Oren is the Head Marketing Consultant at Dynamic Search™ – a US based, reputable web marketing agency handling small and medium clients worldwide. Be specializes in handling web marketing efforts and boosting online conversion for large corporations in highly competitive niches, mostly in the US and Europe. He is also the Director of Web Marketing at WhiteWeb technologies.

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