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Blog, dammit!

Published: January 8, 2013

Author: Todd Mintz

It could be considered bragging to talk about something PPC Associates does really well. However, please permit me a little license to share something that should be much more universally adapted by other agencies in our industry.
One of the first initiatives that our marketing manager, Hillary Read, implemented when she began working for us was to not just only start a blog (which isn’t a particularly original idea) but to publish posts 5 days a week. Now, when she started, our company was probably half the size we are now and we had only a couple people (myself and founder David Rodnitzky) who blogged with any sort of frequency.  Between David and me, a couple other “ex-bloggers,” and a fill-in piece for Fridays, we did manage to get to a 5-day publishing schedule pretty quickly, becoming only the second really “prolific” blog in the paid search industry that I know of (after PPC Hero).
However, the few of us that were involved were churning out content at an unsustainable rate (given we had all our client work that needed to be done), and it was clear that we needed to diversity our writing pool to keep this initiative going. Hence, we recruited a large number of our (mostly unpublished) employees to become contributors.
Each of our employees has a unique perspective on the work they do. Their ideas and thoughts ruminate through their brain during the day in such a way that enables them to perform their tasks in a most excellent manner. There is incredible value in capturing and sharing what each of these people know, and while our employees might talk amongst themselves and learn from each other, including the greater Internet Community in the conversation gives credibility to both our company and the individuals who work for us.
The greatest hurdle to these new folks blogging is the unfamiliarity with the medium, combined with writing skills that might have atrophied since leaving school. I went 15 years between graduating college and the creation of my first blog post, writing almost nothing in the interim, and it took me quite a while to get into the writing groove.
Fortunately, Hillary has the bandwidth to assist in transitioning our newbie bloggers onto the big stage of content creation, and she’s doing a wonderful job. We’ve also found out that some of our first-time bloggers have extraordinary talent, and we’ve gotten a large number of employees to participate in the content creation process. We’ve even started a second daily blog (on Facebook PPC), featuring content from a couple of our folks and an array of great names from around the industry.
Far too many search industry blogs are dominated by far too few individuals. It’s true that some in our industry are excellent writers and have a natural flair for the medium. But, one doesn’t need to be a blogging rock star in order to participate in the search marketing community…just some knowledge, a point of view, and the willingness to share.
If the ideas can be committed to paper, they can be polished prior to publication, and the writer will begin contributing to the greater well of search marketing knowledge that they’ve likely been drinking from for their entire career.
– Todd Mintz, Sr. Account Manager

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