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From Blah to Bam! 7 Ways to Make a “Boring” Brand Interesting

Published: May 31, 2016

Author: Amanda Fischer

Do you think hailing a cab is particularly cool or exciting? How about searching for a doctor who accepts your insurance? Chances are, you probably don’t.
But, what’s your overall perception about companies like Uber or ZocDoc? Do you think they’re cool? Innovative? Perhaps even game-changing? Chances are, you probably do.
While some brands may have a bit of leg up in the “cool” department, operating in a seemingly “un-interesting” industry is no excuse to be boring! With the right attitude and knowledge, any brand can present itself as sexy, cool, quirky or just plain fun – and have the appeal needed to attract the right audience.
So, without further adieu, here are seven tips to help transform your brand.

1.  Make a good first impression

You’ve heard it before, and for good reason– first impressions do matter. And, in today’s landscape, a prospective customer’s first interaction with your company is often a visit to your website.
Your website is a window into the personality of your brand, and how you present yourself bears major implications for the next step(s) your visitor might take. What kind of impression are you presenting during that first interaction?
No matter how “dry” your industry may be, any company can have an impressive, functional website designed to convert. Be sure to adequately front-load your mission, and do your best to appeal to the right audience with the right message in the right place.
Not sure if your current messaging is working? Ask clients, colleagues, or friends for feedback, and A/B test, people!  With a little hard work, diligence, and optimization, you’ll begin see a positive change in traffic, conversions, and ultimately, happy customers.

2.  Solve a problem

Your company solves a problem or fulfills a need – but that’s only half the battle. You also need to effectively communicate how you solve the problem or fulfill the need (better than your competition) to your desired audience.
What’s the best way to explain this value proposition? Be clear, straightforward, and relatable. As consumers, we often confuse “complex” with “boring.” So, it’s important to clearly define exactly what your company does in a way that’s interesting to your target audience.

3.  Tell a story

Everyone loves a good story, and every company has one. Telling your story is a great way to explain not only what you do, but why you do it – and the “why” is often so much more captivating than the “what.”
Was your founder so passionate about a particular issue that she made it her life’s work to create a company addressing that issue? Did he quit his job in the corporate world to dedicate his life to solving a major inefficiency he experienced personally?
Your story is a part of who you are as a company. As such, it should have a presence on your website, in your office, within your corporate culture, and throughout your overall branding efforts.

4.  Sell an experience

The greatest businesses don’t sell products or services; they sell experiences. If you’re a financial planner, do you sell investment services, or “financial freedom”? If you sell home security services, do you sell alarm systems, or “peace of mind”?
Take some time to really think about what your brand stands for, and commit to giving your customers a truly memorable experience.

5.  Become a thought leader

Anyone with a little bit of knowledge and some insightful perspective can position themselves as a thought leader. However, true thought leaders possess one very important quality: experience. Having relevant experience establishes your reputation as an authority in the industry. It also gives the statements you make more clout, allowing you to make bolder claims and drive new, innovative trends and ideas.
Thought leaders also share their ideas (another crucial component to thought leadership) through published works, blogs, and speaking opportunities. They make it known that they have the expertise to back their claims, and they work diligently to push their ideas to life and drive change within their industries.

6.  Develop a brand personality… and project it!

Your employees and teammates have personalities, don’t they? So should your brand! The development of your brand personality should happen organically, but a little push from marketing certainly helps.
To start, identify the “voice” of your brand. Are you light, playful and funny, or perhaps a bit more authoritative and serious? Make the determination and stick with it! (Note: being “authoritative and serious” doesn’t mean you can’t be interesting too….) Your voice is something that should be consistent across all that you do, from your website and marketing materials to your sales pitch, social media presence, and more.

7.  Blog, blog, blog!

A company blog is a great way to project your voice and present the personality of your brand. If you don’t have a blog, build one – and start populating it on a regular basis.
A company blog is obviously a great place to publish industry-relevant content (remember, you’re a thought leader now!); however, it’s also a great way to bring life and personality to your brand. Incorporate employee profiles, day-in-the-life snapshots, and (fun) client interviews – after all, the people you work with are a part of your brand, too.
Once you’ve created your new, personality-filled content, promote it! Create landing pages, push out campaigns, and post on social media. Be sure to tag and hashtag when appropriate so your customers (and prospects) can get to know you a little better. Remember, you’re building a relationship. Your customers will enjoy this first-hand look into your brand, and who knows – maybe they’ll even take it to the next level!
There are plenty of quick fixes to implement to begin developing and projecting your brand persona, so have at it. Be playful and get creative!

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