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Bing’s SEM Fighter Cockpit Overview

Published: January 14, 2015

Author: Ping Jen

As more businesses are competing in search engine marketing (SEM), and search engines are advancing at an accelerated speed, driving a performing SEM campaign is more like flying a modern fighter jet. It demands targeting instincts and the mastering of tactical and technical skills through advanced instruments.
Although the SEM fighter cockpit is getting more complex, the key instruments remain mostly the same. Let’s go over the instruments you need to quickly reach cruising altitude in order to save fuel for the dogfight.
Master MonitorCampaign Planner
As part of pre-flight preparation, you need a situation briefing before takeoff. The Bing Ads Campaign Planner gives you this overview, letting you segment data by category, location, and device, and letting you compare weekly/yearly data to establish goals.
Ordnance CheckersResearch Keywords Tool & Ad Preview and Diagnostics Tool
Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight! Or, in other words, make sure you’re using the right “ammunition” to help you achieve SEM success. After establishing the flight plan, use the Keywords Research Tool to help you choose the ammunition (the keywords!) that will engage your targeted audience. You can verify you’re using the right keywords with the Ad Preview and Diagnostics Tool, which lets you preview which keywords trigger the results you want.
Horizontal Situation DisplayQuality Score and Bid Landscape
After taking off, keep an eye on Quality Score and Bid Landscape in the horizontal situation display to make sure you are at the optimal trajectory to quickly reach cruising altitude. The procedure is to achieve a Quality Score of 6 or above, and then reference bid landscape to effectively produce impressions.
Multifunction DisplayBing Ads Intelligence Tool
For those of you who prefer working on multiple variables at once, the Bing Ads Intelligence tool is an Excel add-on that lets you optimize key campaign elements across multiple accounts and campaigns in a single Excel workbook. Each task, such as trend analysis, keyword suggestion, and competition insight, can be conducted on a new worksheet to better organize the data. This multifunctional tool combines the ease of use from Excel and the advanced intelligence signals from Bing Ads to help you gain a competitive edge. You can find the installation guide here.
Now that you are more confident in developing your flight plan, in the next post we will go over how to use Auction Insights, Share of Voice, Top Movers, and Opportunities to continue the plan you have begun and gain an upper hand in the dogfight.

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