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Bing Ads Shopping Updates – What You Need to Know

Published: November 23, 2015

Author: Jason Bruggemann

The time has come to start talking about Bing Ads Shopping. It’s important to know what is changing and when so there are no surprises. I’ve outlined the details below to make everyone’s lives easier.

What is this about?

Bing has decided to update the current product ad campaigns to Bing Shopping. The deadline to make the change is March 2016. If you remember back in August 2014, Google made this move to help advertisers better manage product listing ads. Bing is now making that same change Google made in 2014.

Why the change?

It’s no secret that Microsoft is working on matching the experience of Bing Ads as closely as possible to Google AdWords. They want to make it as easy as possible to start advertising in Bing. Plus, there’s nothing but good things about the new Shopping management experience.

What are the benefits to switching?

Allow me to rave a little bit and to recommend that you switch ASAP. Here’s why:

-Greater control with product groups

-The hierarchy view provides more control over what products you’re showing and how much you’re paying. That’s already worth the change.

-More valuable insights with Share of Voice reporting

-You will be able to view insights on impressions, clicks, average click-through rate and average cost per click, relative to your product targets.

-Item-level reporting

-You will be able to pull reports all the way down to the item ID level.

-More parity with Google

-As mentioned above, the structure lines up better with Google Shopping, enabling you to seamlessly transfer over your shopping campaign from AdWords. You get more time to focus on the next big thing for your accounts.

-Custom labels

-Used to identify products as part of a group – custom means it’s up to you!



These changes will come quickly, so save these notes somewhere!

By late January

-All new campaigns will leverage Bing Shopping Campaigns.

-At this time, you will be unable to create new Product Ads campaigns, but you will continue to be able to manage existing campaigns.


By late February/early March

-Existing Product Ads campaigns will be transitioned to Bing Shopping Campaigns.


By late March

-Product Ads campaigns will be fully transitioned.


Some early tips

-The new Shopping campaign gives your organic listings some rich captions around your products. In order to utilize this feature, you will need to check off the Rich Captions choice when setting up the campaign.


-Run the new Shopping campaign alongside your current PLA campaign. They won’t compete against one another, and you can select priorities between the two campaigns.


How do I make the change to Bing Shopping?

I can lay it all out for you, but I think Bing already does a great job with this.
Read up on how to:

-Import your shopping campaign from AdWords

-Create a new Bing shopping campaign to run alongside your product ad campaign

-Convert your product ad campaigns to Bing shopping campaigns


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