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Big Brands and SEO – 3 Ways SEO Can Produce Big Wins

Published: November 2, 2015

Author: Jennifer Madison

When you hear the words “big brand”, companies like Coca-Cola, Google, Facebook, etc., probably come to mind. These are companies who have done a wonderful job of creating an uber-successful brand and, as a result, are likely reaping the benefits in terms of organic traffic and revenue. Many big brands like those listed above can rely on credibility and recognition to bring them online success for the most part – or so they think.
Despite having an enormous brand footprint, big brands cannot forgo thinking about SEO. Below are a few ways big brands can benefit from straightforward SEO and analytics fixes.

Track goals & events to understand user behavior

Many big brands are able to drive enough traffic and revenue through brand recognition or ad sales alone, but they shouldn’t rest on these laurels. Creating goals and events that aren’t revenue- or traffic-focused is important for big brands to understand on-site user behavior. Companies can improve the user experience by tracking how users interact with their site – how many users download whitepapers, watch videos, or scroll to the bottom of a piece of content? Based on the findings, the site can be refined to ensure the brand is providing users with the best experience possible.

Technical fixes = easy wins

If a brand is able to generate enough organic traffic and revenue with their site as it is, why should they prioritize technical SEO? Well, technical SEO addresses issues with the foundation of the site; if there are cracks in the foundation, they need to be fixed, no matter how big the house is. Additional organic traffic (and potentially revenue) gains can also be made through technical fixes. If a site is still using 302 redirects as opposed to 301 redirects, they could improve their visibility by making that change. Is their mobile site not optimized for smaller devices? Improve your mobile experience to make navigation easy and intuitive, and your bottom line will likely follow.

Focus on user intent when optimizing content

When it comes to content, traffic can be a double-edged sword for big brands. On one hand, brands get enough organic traffic to easily see the impact of site changes; on the other hand, it might be easy to overlook content issues when a site is already getting so much traffic. A mismatch between user intent and site content is an easy fix that could yield even more traffic and revenue – but might not make it to the top of a big brand’s to-do list. Tweaking title tags, meta descriptions, and content to resonate with users can improve your perception in search results, the user experience, and, eventually, your bottom line. Sites can do a before-and-after assessment, looking at bounce rate, time on site, and user interactions (e.g. how far someone scrolls) to see improvements.
The fixes mentioned above focus on fundamental SEO elements that can sometimes go unnoticed if a site is large. All brands, including the big ones, can benefit from going through a quick SEO audit every 6 months to a year, even if traffic and revenue numbers look good. SEO is not a “set it and forget it” channel, and can prove to be valuable for big and small brands alike.

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