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Best 3Q office series – Vermont entry

Published: September 23, 2016

Author: Nicole Lavallee

We love our offices at 3Q – and our awesome office managers, who are as competitive as they are fun. We continue our “Best 3Q Office” series with Vermont native Nicole Lavallee describing the highlights of our Burlington office – our smallest, coziest digs, located about 300 yards from Lake Champlain.
Vermont is pretty special in its own right. The Burlington office, nestled in the Lake Champlain Valley, offers beautiful lake and mountain views, ready access to Vermont beers and outdoor adventures, and everyday Vermontyness.
Here are just some of the reasons it’s the best 3Q office:
1) The building is full of friendly neighbors (including Maglianero Cafe downstairs), and has super-close proximity to the shores of Lake Champlain – actually, we park right near it:
lake champlain burlington
2) Fittest office?!? We do hold the distinction of being the first office to have 100% participation in the company’s fitness reimbursement plan (in the inaugural month, no less!).
Burlington golf
3Q t-shirts
3) We are the only office with access to Heady Topper – we have it in the fridge, along with Sip of Sunshine and other beverage selections. Our giant tub of cream cheese is the perfect accompaniment to Montreal-style bagels (an office favorite)!
Montreal style bagels
4) We’re small enough that we can all choose our own lunches (company-paid for every Thursday, which is a fantastic perk of working at 3Q). We are almost always able to come to consensus on the restaurant – doing so can also be a team-building exercise and great way to hone our diplomacy skills. 🙂
5) We give our guests the royal treatment. Sometimes, we even send special treats to our 3Q peers in the inferior other locations. Actually, the worst thing about being in the Vermont office may be that we aren’t the recipients of those unexpected surprises arriving in the mail!
Vermont gifts
6) The people and pets are particularly kick-a** (check out these sweet rescues), and we’re always willing to give each other a helping hand.snarl

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