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Best 3Q Office Series – San Mateo Entry

Published: September 30, 2016

Author: Wes Morton

We love our offices at 3Q – and our awesome office managers, who are as competitive as they are fun. We continue our “Best 3Q Office” series with Bay Area native Wes Morton describing the highlights of our San Mateo office – our company headquarters and home to most of our execs and all of the poor souls who rely on us for timely expense reports. So tell us, Wes: what does San Mateo have that the rest of the offices don’t?
1. Location, location, location: Situated in the heart of the Bay Area, the San Mateo office and its surrounding environment represents the pinnacle of suburban living. Equidistant from San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose, the office has members who make the trek from all corners of the Bay Area because it is just that good.
3Q San Mateo
2. Headquarters: Where else would the CEO choose to make his HQ than the best office in the company? There is a reason 3 execs choose to call their shots from here, and the office benefits from their experience and leadership.
3. Size: The 3Q offices range in size from big to small, but San Mateo is just right. The perfect balance of silence and friendly banter makes for an atmosphere that maximizes productivity. Any Bay Area 3Qers who want to get some real work done, feel free to stop by.
4. $$$: Most offices have a fun mix of members representing different departments throughout the company. But you know what you don’t have? Finance. Why? Because they are all here. And they’re awesome. A tight-knit crew known to lay down the hammer when it comes to money matters, they are all amazing, friendly, and fun people. Go Finance!
5. Our Morale Associate (Food): Our perks budget might as well be called our food budget, but we are more than okay with that. Unlike some of the other offices, ours does not allow dogs- so we have turned to other sources for emotional support. From a fridge full of Tejava and sparkling water to extravagant Thursday lunches that are guaranteed to produce leftovers for everyone, we have mastered the art of staying well-fed here in San Mateo. Stop by on any given day and you might be treated to a spontaneous lunch or boba order – that’s just how we do it.

1 S Wacker Drive
Suite 2250

Chicago, IL 60606(650) 539-4124


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