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Best 3Q Office Series: Remotes

Published: December 1, 2017

Author: Hillary Read

3Q Digital has a long, proud history of attracting the best possible talent – and this means that we’ve reached all corners of the country to do it. Along with our nine offices, we’ve got remote outposts ranging from Portland to Denver to Michigan and beyond…and each of our remote employees is happy to celebrate the flexibility. Here are some of the reasons they’re happy to work from home.

I would say that the biggest reason is that I have a dependable co-worker to help me critique presentations. Rocket felt that this LinkedIn presentation was pretty solid but didn’t focus enough on the canine demographic.Jesse Morris, Account Director, Traverse City, MI

Reasons I like working from home: flexibility, especially with a newborn (Greyson was born November 14!), can be with my wife during doctor’s appointments, etc. Working “outside office hours,” I have been known to get up in the middle of the night or early morning, when I can’t sleep, and start doing outreach (to East Coast targets). When it’s 5am here, they are just getting to their desks at 8am. Plus, bad hair days and non-matching outfits are not frowned upon!Adam Lester, Director of Business Development, Phoenix, AZ

I’m happy to work remotely because it gives me the flexibility to be close to my family. (Editor’s note: and massive dogs.) – Miguel Madrigal, Account Lead, Oroville, CA

I especially enjoy working remotely because I get to check in on pup, cat, and chickens throughout the day.Heather Scott, Account Lead, Albany, OH

3Q Digital appreciates that its employees have different personalities and different work styles. By choice, I’ve worked from home since 2006, and when I joined 3Q Digital in 2011, I made telecommuting a condition of my employment. I’m extremely introverted, and I find office environments to be full of distractions and not conducive to either ideal productivity or optimum work performance. I’ve also found that for me, electronic forms of communication (especially Slack) are far more effective and efficient than face-to-face interactions. I believe that the remote-friendly culture of 3Q Digital gives us a competitive advantage over other companies in both the hiring and retaining of top digital marketing talent. In 2017, it absolutely amazes me that some digital marketing companies still frown upon remote work…I think that’s a reflection of both management insecurity and a dinosaur-like reluctance to embrace workforce change. I’m happy with my remote work arrangement, and if there are any like-minded people reading my words who have digital marketing experience and want to work remotely, I encourage you to reach out to us. – Todd Mintz, SEM Consigliere, Portland, OR

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