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Best 3Q Office Series – New York City entry

Published: October 14, 2016

Author: Jenna Clark

We love our offices at 3Q. We continue our “Best 3Q Office” series with Account Coordinator Jenna Clark describing the highlights of our New York office – home to some of our most analytics minds and our most alarming caffeine consumption rate. Take it away, Jenna.
…to an inside look of the 3Q New York City Office.
If you’ve ever been to New York, you know there is nothing really quite like it. 3Q’s New York office began with one man (Will Aronson) in a WeWork temporary space and has expanded to 14 teammates with an office of our own. We’re small but mighty. Our office is located in Union Square, which is one of the first reasons the New York office is #1!

  1. Location!

Union Square is located in the heart of New York.
nyc office location
We have our own Farmer’s Market three days a week.
There are more than 100+ places to choose from to eat nearby – we even have our own office Google My Maps to save our favorite places.
Union Square has so much to offer: shopping, live chess matches, people watching, and more. Find out more here!

  1. Thursday Lunches

We’ve tried a ton of new cuisines. We don’t always agree, but our pre-lunch decision chats usually end up with too many gifs, arguing, bonding, close calls, and finally a decision. (Almost half of our office is obsessed with Taco Bell for some reason I will never understand.)

  1. Our Drink Addictions

It all started with Red Bull. I’m not sure who has consumed more Red Bull, KROCK or Alyssa. We need our caffeine fix to get us going, and 3Q supports us with a full fridge. As the summer came about we turned to iced coffee, and Conor introduced us to La Croix, which has forever changed our lives. The question is, what will be next?
nyc office drinks

  1. Our Resident Athletes

We have people in the office who like to run for fun. Why? Don’t ask me!
But they do crush it! Craig, Conor, and Jack (Palmer) all ran a 10-mile New York Road Runners 5-borough series this past September and have plans to run in other races.

  1. Office Discussions

Come to New York with your opinions on really pointless things and be ready to discuss. KROCK is the master of making you think. We’ve had long discussion whether a hot dog or a burger is considered a sandwich and whether it’s more normal to have a desk and no couch or a couch and no desk.

  1. Office Outings

We’ve gone to: a Mets game, bowling in Chelsea, dining at Sabbia – the Top of Eataly, and to a few office happy hours!
nyc office outings

  1. The People

At the end of the day, it all comes down to who you work with. I started as the second person in the New York office, and every person who has joined the team has really made an impact on the culture here. It’s a great feeling when the people around you are passionate, smart, and hard-working.
nyc office 3q
And the view’s not bad, either.

25 E Washington Street
Suite 420

Chicago, IL 60602(650) 539-4124


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