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A Beginner’s Guide to the Pinterest Bulk Editor

Published: November 1, 2016

Author: Lindsey Doherty

If you’re a social marketer, chances are you’ve dabbled at least a little with Pinterest. But are you getting everything you can from the platform? If you’re an e-commerce, fashion, home goods, or food brand, or are marketing primarily toward women, it can be a great place to expand your marketing game beyond the big blue app.
A hybrid of search and social, Pinterest calls itself a “discovery engine”. Your ads, or “promoted pins,” can appear in a user’s home feed, like Facebook, or when the search for something, like Google or Bing. You’ll find yourself uploading email lists for lookalike targeting AND lists of keywords. With a multitude of other targeting options like location, language, device, along with the option to appear in feeds or on search, or both, how’s a marketer to keep it all straight?
Enter Pinterest Bulk Editor. Now, Facebook Power Editor it is not; instead of using a real-time interface, you’ll be editing your pins offline in a CSV file and uploading them to Pinterest. But it’s still a lot quicker than going through Pinterest ads manager and making changes pin by pin.
You’ll find the Bulk Edit template here. Select which type of upload you’re performing: brand new pins vs. edits to previously running campaigns. NOTE (and I’m speaking from personal experience): the columns are different in each template, so if you’re making new campaigns, you can’t just copy/paste the data from the “existing pin” download. Bummer, I know.
Once you choose your adventure, download the CSV file and add in your campaign information before hitting the “Browse” link; that’s for when you’re all done. When you open the CSV, you’ll find that there are instructions for each column in the first row. How thoughtful!  For the most part, they are simple enough to follow, but here are a few pointers:

  1. Pinterest recommends one pin per campaign. There is no ad set level. So you’re essentially creating a campaign AND a pin for each piece of creative you want to launch. Placement, geo, language, etc., are set at the campaign level. Columns A-I refer to the campaign level; columns P-K refer to the pin level. Then columns P-AA are back to the campaign level.
  1. Column J is crucial: If you’re promoting existing pins (highly recommended, so that your content can grab some organic “juice” before it gets started), you’ll only need to add the pin ID here and skip columns K, L, and N. If you’re completely starting from scratch, fill everything in. (You can find the Pin ID by clicking on the Pin and pulling the long string of numbers from the URL that appears in your browser window.) Don’t forget to add the letter “P” before your pin ID.
pinterest pin id
(I recommend checking this pin out, by the way).
  1. If you’re using UTM parameters to track performance, use a display URL in column N. (Only if you’re making a new pin! If not, leave this blank!) This is where traffic from your organic pin will go; use column P for your UTM so that it tracks ad clicks only.
  1. Another tip: If you want to use the bulk uploader but aren’t sure about a setting, you can set the Campaign status as Paused in column F or the Pin status to Paused in Column M. When all of your information is then uploaded, you can edit manually through the Pinterest interface.
  2. Errors: Likely, after you complete your masterpiece and have everything the way you want it, you’ll go back to that first screen and click “Browse” to upload your completed file. If anything is incorrect, you’ll receive an error message and none of the pins will be uploaded (you can select whether or not you want any error-free pins to be uploaded separately).

pinterest upload error
Sometimes the error description will be clear about the fix, other times not. Pinterest help is a great resource to find out what’s wrong, as is this handy guide. Also, remember to double-check your formatting. Bracket placement, commas, spaces, and spelling errors can throw off an entire pin, especially if you’re copying/pasting an error throughout your file. KEEP CALM and remember to save your changes each time you adjust something, otherwise you’ll continue to see the same error each time you hit “upload”.
Like any new tool, it can take some getting used to, but pretty soon you’ll be bulk uploading like a true ninja.

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