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Published: November 8, 2011

Author: Todd Mintz

Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord…but you’re gonna have to serve somebody.” – Bob Dylan
At PPC Associates, we pride ourselves on customer service, and last week we had an email discussion prompted by David Rodnitzky’s sharing of a series of Net Promoter Videos as well as an old blog post he had written about poor customer service he received. As you might imagine, everyone reaffirmed their commitments to offering our best to our clients. However, nobody (myself included) brought up what I find most interesting about the topic: not the outward manifestations of customer service but the inward persona of the service provider.
What I find even more offensive than the sorts of people mentioned in David’s post are service providers who say all the right things but are clearly mouthing words without meaning them. If somebody treats you poorly because he or she is having a bad day (or perhaps is just a jerk all the time), at least there is an integrity in the actions. Someone speaking words he or she doesn’t feel or mean under the guise of “customer service” ultimately fails both the customer service and integrity tests.
The service I offer both my clients and teammates at PPC Associates attempts to fuse both the outward manifestations of customer service with my own personal commitment to integrity of thought, deed, and process. Outwardly, I make it my business to be responsive to all my clients’ needs and wishes, and I make myself accountable for any goals and objectives that we are trying to accomplish together. Part of accountability is commitment, and my commitment to my clients’ paid search (and other ancillary issues) never wavers as long as the client / agency relationship is maintained.
Inwardly, I place a commitment to my clients’ businesses quite highly in my personal chain of priorities. If something is a bit off, I take it personally and hold myself accountable to making it correct. I never go “off duty” with respect to my clients; even if I’m not working, I’m continually wrestling with their issues and concerns and seeking solutions that will help them achieve the best possible ROI. My clients also know that they’re going to get the “straight dope” from me…sometimes, priorities have to be changed and readjusted in order to meet business goals, and I have no problem being the bearer of such news. I feel a great deal of satisfaction when my efforts help them meet their business objectives, and while I technically don’t have ownership of their businesses, I do take ownership over the paid search efforts and treat their money and investment as if it were mine personally.
I have no doubt that my fellow teammates at PPC Associates have the same high level of commitment to their clients as I do with mine.
Todd Mintz, Senior Account Manager
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