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An Online Marketing Holiday Wish List

Published: December 17, 2012

Author: Ian Lopuch

The holiday season is here. This is the time of the year when everyone is buying gifts. If you’re in the retail industry, I’m sure your Google AdWords campaigns are spending some of the largest amounts of the entire year. Everyone loves receiving gifts, and I’m certainly no exception. Here’s my holiday wish list for the 2012-2013 holiday season, PPC-style.
Wish List Item 1: SEM Agency Services
I’m a tremendous fan of SEM agencies such as PPC Associates. Great SEM agencies can pay for themselves quickly. They add tremendous value and insights. They become a part of your team. For all of these reasons and more, SEM agency services are my number one wish list item.
Wish List Item 2: SEM Automation Software
I’m the biggest proponent around of SEM automation software. SEM is a game of scale. At the enterprise level, we’re dealing with millions of keywords, thousands of ad creatives, ever-changing bids, and a multitude of accounts. SEM automation software allows us to all gain scale. It makes tedious, manual tasks simple. It unlocks margin and brings your campaigns to the next level. If you don’t leverage SEM software, this is a must-have wish list item this holiday season. Even if you already have a platform, get out there and shop around. A good competitive bake insures you’re running optimally.
Wish List Item 3: Budget For New Tests
Online advertising is a super-competitive field. How do you get ahead? I like to go after the “wide tail” of SEM, a concept made popular by PPC Associates’ own David Rodnitzky. Expanding to new media sources and embracing a variety of programs across all search engines requires constant testing. Sometimes tests work, sometimes they fail. One thing is for sure: I cannot imagine running a successful online marketing program without testing. For this reason, I hope for tons of test budget this holiday season!
Wish List Item 4: Budget For Holiday Cards and Gifts
PPC is a team sport. We all rely on others for success in online marketing. I’m talking about search engine reps, agency partners, consultants, internal team members, and more. Holiday cards and gifts are a great way to say, “thank you.” They don’t have to be expensive; it’s the thought that counts. This year, I am looking forward to giving back to others who help me out so much, via cards and gifts.
Wish List Item 5: A Fun Team Offsite
Team offsites are so much fun. They are the ideal way to review projects, brainstorm new ideas, collaborate, derive future strategy, practice your presentation skills, and bond as a team. Offsites don’t have to be super-expensive. You could even have one close by your corporate office. I always have so much fun and get so much out of offsites; I hope I get a team offsite this holiday season.
Wish List Item 6: Lots of Excitement and Change in 2013
Each year gets more and more exciting. I have so much fun in this career because of the change and excitement. I hope 2013 is no exception and that the search engines, the automation platforms, and the players get more and more sophisticated. Let’s take this to the next level in 2013!
So there you have it. This is not your typical holiday wish list, but one of a PPC pro and enthusiast. What are you hoping for this holiday season? Lower CPCs, more budget, a new team member? There is so much that one could hope for in the world of online marketing!

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