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AdWords Labels: Why I Love Them & You Should Too

Published: January 28, 2013

Author: Katie Walton

Today’s post is by Katie Saxon, a UK-based PPC pro (hence the stray vowels) working for Boom Online Marketing
If you aren’t already using AdWords labels, you are missing a trick. Introduced last April, they simply make account management much, much easier.
I’m going to assume that you already know how to use labels and I’ll get straight into my favourite uses. If you do need a refresher, refer to this AdWords help article.
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Easy Data Segmentation
First up, let me say that I realise you can – and arguably should – use good structure and naming conventions to segment your data.
The major advantage of using labels is the ability to see aggregate data at a glance. And that’s vital for times that your client – or boss – needs to know the performance of X vs. Y five minutes ago.
There are many standard labels that might help you – some are helpful at any (and every) level.
1. Device
2. Branded or Non-Branded
3. Geotargeted or Local Keywords
4. Match type – particularly for those who split match types by ad group
5. Ad type – e.g. text, flash, display ad builder
6. Image size
7. Best sellers
8. Top keywords/ad groups/ads/campaigns
9. Notes – e.g. reasons for pausing keywords, changing bids, and highlighting words as cause for concern
And of course you should consider whether using additional labels that are specific to your account – e.g. product or service categories, specific experiments, seasonal campaign, or promotions and so on.
Easy Ad Testing
Using labels allows for proper ad testing straight from the AdWords interface.
It sounds so simple and obvious that it’s a shame that labels were such a long time coming. But the ability to test ads without needing any additional paid tools does make it easier for everyone to excel with AdWords.
If you aren’t already using labels in this way, refer to these guides:
Simple ad copy testing: 6 simple steps with AdWords labels
How to Easily Test Millions of Ads
Easy account automation
Now that you can see segmented data, will you be content to just sit and review the stats? Of course not; you want to act on what you see.
That’s where you can combine the use of labels with automated rules to make your accounts work hard even while you sleep. But don’t take my word for it – check out Ally Malick’s post Swap Ads While You Sleep and make running short-term promotional ads even easier.
Not working with time-sensitive ads? Perhaps automated rules can help you with testing new keywords. And of course you can apply any of your favourite rules using labels as a filter.
Essentially, all my reasons for loving labels come down to one key idea: they make effective account management easier. If that’s not a good enough reason to learn to love labels, I don’t know what is.
katie saxon ppc
– Katie Saxon, a UK-based PPC pro working for Boom Online Marketing, has managed PPC accounts spanning a wide range of verticals. When she’s not at work, she enjoys eating cake and is busy planning her wedding.

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