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AdWords Editor 11.0: Pros, Cons, and Takeaways

Published: December 11, 2014

Author: Katie Long

AdWords Editor 11.0 dropped Wednesday as Google’s holiday present to SEMs. According to Google, 11.0 represents “the biggest update to the application” since they released in 2006.
So are they overstating things, or is this really the best possible response to all those holiday wishlists floating around?

Let’s start with some features we immediately noticed (and noticed were still missing):

-You can open multiple windows to view different parts of your account at the same time.
-You can work on multiple accounts at once, which is nice if you have one client with multiple accounts.
-You can select any combination of campaigns and ad groups to view their ads or keywords, and paste them into multiple campaigns and ad groups at once.
-There is now an advanced search bar where you can apply multiple search criteria and filters.
-Instead of the bars at the top, they’ve introduced ‘type lists’ on the left hand side.  According to Google, it allows you to quickly do tasks while quickly accessing your campaigns, advanced features and settings.
– We’re still waiting for the ability to use Labels in AWE! (Grr.)

Initial reactions after downloading:

-It’s not just an update; it’s a brand-new program with a brand-new interface.
-I did have bad flashbacks to Bing since the font and interface seemed similar. L
-Luckily, it’s still wayyyyy better than Bing! J
-It’s got enough new goodies to make it worth using right away, but the old Editor will be around for four more months if you need time to transition.
-When downloading my new accounts, I noticed you can download all of yours on one screen within the interface, and you can see an exact % of download complete. (This is especially nice for massive accounts.)
– Highlighting all the totals (ad groups, keywords, targets) in one spot it makes it much easier to QA.
keywords and targeting
– I also noticed that these are no longer features in the new Editor.  (Opportunities was a neat feature but may have been more of a beta.)
-I love that the campaign settings portion at the bottom of Editor is now separated into 2 adjacent parts; this means you don’t have to scroll down to see all of your settings.
-11.0 has a specific Topics (and Negative) upload section; the old Editor only had Audience, which confused people when trying to bulk upload topics through Editor.
-11.0 also includes promoted video ads in the UI, which is a huge help for anyone running those ads. (Of course, this would be even better if Google somehow incorporated YouTube promoted videos into editor.)
-Shared library doesn’t seem to provide as much benefit compared to its namesake in the UI…except for the “associations” column in the sitelinks menu. For example, if you have a sitelink that you want to show on all ad groups that contain ‘pretzel,’ you can easily do that now.


As releases go, AWE 11.0 is significant. The video ads addition and the offline UI improvements in particular should save a lot of SEMs some toggling headaches, and the platform is much more agile than its predecessors. There are still some unfulfilled wishes (again, Labels!) that I hope Google addresses with its next release, but this is a nice holiday present for the industry.

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