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AdCenter WTF

Published: April 23, 2013

Author: Todd Mintz

This is certainly not the most important PPC blog post you’ll read this week. It might be the most trivial.
However, there is something that’s been bothering me for some time that I need to vent about…especially since I experienced it three times in the past month.
I’ve begun working for some new clients, and part of the onboarding process is getting access to their AdCenter account. The client “invites” me to AdCenter, and I get an email that looks like this:
bing ads invitation
I create my own login email and password. I then get an email “Welcoming” me to Bing Ads.
bing ads welcome
I am now able to login and access the AdCenter UI.
Now, how many people reading this post who manage paid search accounts professionally work extensively in the AdCenter UI?
None. Of course not. The AdCenter UI is not designed for productive professional use.  We all use Bing Ads Editor, which, though certainly inferior to AdWords Editor, is still reasonably functional.
So, I go to Bing Ads Editor and login with my email and password…and it doesn’t work.
Why? Because you need a user name to login to Bing Ads Editor, not an email address.
Did I have an option to create a user name during the login creation process? Nope.
So what do I have to do? Call AdCenter Tech Support.
Are those folks nice and helpful? Sure. But after making me verify a whole bunch of account information and putting me on hold a few times, they change my email address login to a “proper” login that allows me to use Bing Ads Editor. Cost:  15-20 minutes of my time plus an unknown expense to Microsoft to deal with my issue.
Do I have this problem with Google? Nope. I can login to AdWords Editor with my email address.
The last time I went through this process and called AdCenter, I spent 20 minutes with AdCenter tech support before being told that they couldn’t help me.
The account in question had a Yahoo Rep.
Did they know who that person was?
I had to reach out to our Yahoo agency rep, who had to find out the relevant Yahoo account rep, who I had to email directly with the problem I described above, who then had to spend their time fixing my problem, which was administrative, not strategic in nature.
I see a very simple solution to this problem:
1)       During account creation, allow user names to be created that are compatible with Bing Ads  Editor.
2)       Allow Bing Ads Editor to accept email addresses as logins.
3)      Both #1 and #2.
WTF AdCenter.  🙂
– Todd Mintz, Sr. Search Account Manager

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