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Accept No Limits: A Case Study

Published: November 13, 2020

Author: Rob Murray

Over the last year, we’ve adopted “Accept No Limits” as the 3Q rallying cry. It’s one of our four core values, and it’s our philosophy for pursuing growth for our teams and our clients.
Pretty cool rallying cry, right? But I’ve had folks ask what it looks like to actually put it into practice, so I’d like to talk about how we’ve changed our approach to shatter growth constraints for a couple of big, long-term 3Q clients.
Let’s start with the nature of the clients themselves: they’re enterprise clients with a lot of in-house resources, lots of media channels in play, tons of creative needs, and reliance on very sophisticated metrics to create customer-first, full-funnel campaigns. Despite their size, they move quickly. They require tons of communication and coordination between their teams and 3Q teams.
For these clients, silos (by channel, by service, by skill) don’t work. An agency model of asking folks to work on more than one account doesn’t work; members of 3Q’s enterprise team need to be all in on unlocking new growth opportunities for these clients. In short, these clients have different, more complex, more immersive challenges than most companies out there – so we’ve built teams accordingly and assess the need to adapt as we go.
Instead of building silos by media channel and service, we’ve built integrated teams to own the mission of finding and overcoming challenges to growth. Yes, our digital agency team members have specific skills, but those skills are being brought to bear on integrated challenges.
How does that make a difference? For instance, in a siloed model, paid social media advertising experts might focus on growing scale within performance goals, and digital marketing creative experts might focus on cycles of creative testing that move the needle on CTR – all while mobile marketing services experts work on improving in-app metrics. In our integrated model, teams working in concert might find that certain paid social imagery and mid-funnel messaging resonated with a specific mobile-first audience and that adjusting messaging within app notifications led to a double-digit increase in engagement – and that, thanks to an analysis integrating channel data, app data, and back-end client data, the LTV of that audience suggests tons of room to increase budget to discover more mobile scale.
That’s a lot of dots to connect, but the work to get there has been well worth it. We’ve found an incredible amount of growth opportunities in the connective tissue of integrated internet marketing services and skills, and those wouldn’t have been possible to mine without folks dedicated specifically to those accounts. In other words, we rejected internal limitations of more traditionally constructed agency teams to find and shatter growth constraints for these two clients.
Would this approach work for every 3Q client? No. Each client brings its own unique set of challenges. And with an “Accept No Limits” mindset, we’re leaving no stone unturned to overcome those challenges and provide customized growth plans for the long term.
Download our 2020 B2C Report: Major CMO Challenges and Opportunities to learn more.

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