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A Trick for Pulling Useful Facebook Metrics

Published: September 26, 2012

Author: Dan Wilkerson

In a recent, lengthy, awesome post, Avinash Kaushik covered a lot of ground in the social space. One particular point that he touched on finding useful metrics to report on the effectiveness of Facebook Pages. Although these metrics are not specific to all Facebook Ads, they can apply to Sponsored Stories or Facebook Page and Post ads, as well as Promoted Posts.
The metrics he points to are Likes (Applause), Shares (Amplification), Comments (Conversation), Engaged Users, and Virality. You might be thinking you’ve been looking at these metrics already, but unfortunately if you’ve been using any of Facebook’s Insights reports, they take liberties with their terminology and frequently combine different points of data that can muddle your analysis. For example, PTAT includes things like Comments on your Page’s Timeline and people ‘Liking’ your page. This is pretty irrelevant when you want to see how well your campaign’s content strategy is doing.
I’ll leave Avinash to explain his reasoning behind his selected metrics – I’ve long seen these as much more valuable metrics than those you find on the surface level insights panel for brands looking to really measure their marketing campaign effectiveness. Read the rest of Avinash’s (very awesome) post for more details on what makes these metrics important. Unfortunately, he says, there’s no easy way to get the data for these from Facebook, except by using third-party tools.
Thankfully, I’ve been mucking around in Facebook’s reports a lot lately and know exactly where to find them and how to tease them out for you, no third-party software’s required. (Well, you do need Excel, but you get my point.) All you’ll need to do is download your Page’s Post Level reports in a .CSV format.
export insights data
Then, delete the Countries and Languages columns (important!) and copy and paste the data into the sheet called “Paste Facebook Post Data CSV” of my spreadsheet tool; it should be the second sheet. It should look like this when you’re done:
facebook metrics
I’ve left Sheet 3 blank if you’d like to grab the data from Sheet1 and create graphs to view your likes/shares/comments or virality over time, post, or post type.
Did I flub on something or mess something up? Leave me a comment and let me know!
– Dan Wilkerson

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