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A Treasure-Trove of Mobile Takeaways from Singular’s UNIFY Conference: Part 2

Published: July 18, 2018

Author: Sophia Fen

Today, I’m bringing you the rest of my notes on the most important things talked about during Singular’s inaugural UNIFY conference (if you missed part 1, here you go). Strap in, because there’s a lot to cover!

Source: Singular

Keep an Even Closer Eye on Fraud

  • If you’re using ad networks in the long tail/affiliate world, push them to show you ads in the wild. Because of the nature of the space, many networks may not know what their traffic is/where it is coming from, so definitely ask
  • Set fraud prevention thresholds and expectations up front. Put the rules of engagement in the IO so you can go back to get refunds if you find potentially fraudulent activity
  • Be ruthless when vetting new sources
  • Important KPIs/metrics for you (or your agency) to monitor:
  • Tracker impressions vs. reported impressions
  • Tracker clicks vs. reported clicks
  • IPM (installs per million impressions)
  • CPMs
  • Conversion rates
  • Clicks vs. impressions
  • % of clicks without a device ID
  • % of View through attribution vs. click through attribution
  • # of clicks per device ID
  • # of views per device ID
  • % of clicks without a prior view
  • Geo-outliers
  • eCPM
  • eCPC
  • Time from view to click, and from click to install
  • Incrementality
  • Transparency
  • Make sure you’re working with an MMP that has a fraud prevention suite; if you’re not, use a third-party fraud detection and prevention provider

Be Thoughtful about Geo Strategies

The way people consume media and use their phones across geos is very different – think about your audience in each geo and do your research (or have your agency do it for you!). The channels that work in a market like the US won’t work in China (and vice versa), so the strategy in each geo needs to be tailored appropriately.

Optimize Internal Team Performance Through Team Alignment

  • If you are a large company with multiple business units and/or marketing teams (or if different teams are responsible for different goals), share knowledge. Leverage what is working on one team with another team. As you scale, marketing teams become more siloed. Each week, meet with executives to understand LTV/ROAS (this is one aligned metric we can all speak to). Sharing knowledge enables colleagues to work together to grow the business as a whole
  • Integrate finance teams with growth/marketing teams if possible; it’s important to keep an open line of communication between the money spender and the money protector. Finance should be baked into everyday engagement; they are a big part of LTV calculations/analysis and budget allocations and can point out very long-term value on certain users (where the growth team is more focused on the short term)
  • In the app space especially, develop and maintain a relationship with your engineers – make them part of the process in feature development. Having open conversations helps uncover solutions that might not have been uncovered otherwise
  • Incorporating decision sciences/business analytics early is key to success

Keep Tabs on These Trends (which dominated the Q&A)

  • TV is back, starting with programmatic remnant inventory but now getting into more traditional prime time again. It’s as ROI-positive as Facebook in some cases and has halo effects on other paid channels. It’s still early with regards to measurement and attribution, but the opportunity is exciting
  • Post-install event optimization. All channels should model off these events and build lookalikes to prospect more users who are most like your most valuable converting audience. The channels that are optimized based on those key events will be most successful
  • Snapchat
  • Consolidation: Do fewer things but do them well. If you’re running on too many acquisition channels, you get caught up on managing that instead of the core needs of the business

I know I promised not to overwhelm you, but every single one of these points had heads nodding at the conference. Bookmark today and yesterday’s posts and come back to them if you need to; all of these topics will be crucial to forming a great mobile strategy in the months to come.

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