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A Social Marketing Wishlist for the Holidays

Published: December 23, 2015

Author: 3Q/DEPT

With the holidays upon us, our social advertising experts are dreaming of eggnog and certain presents from social advertising channels. Read the features they’re hoping to find gift-wrapped just for them!
Director of Social Brad O’Brien:
I really hope to see another social network gain performance advertising market share from Facebook. I’d specifically like to see Twitter become a more viable option for social advertising at scale when compared to Facebook.
The second thing I’d like to happen would be a better way to collect competitor insights for social advertising. Right now, there’s just not a good solution, and it’s a critical missing piece of the pie for social advertisers.
Account Lead Kendra Pennington:
We’ve been hearing for a couple years that a LinkedIn conversion pixel is on its way, and it’s my top wish. LinkedIn is one platform that our B2B clients are most interested in, but with no conversion measurement, it is extremely difficult to optimize and report on. 
I can’t wait to see what Facebook has in store in terms of new ad units and improving the native experience.
Sr. Social Account Manager Mike Nguyen:
I hope another social platform finds the same success Facebook had when its ads platform first launched, for two reasons. First, the competition on Facebook is so intense, it would alleviate advertiser woes if we had additional social channels that performed similar to Facebook to invest budgets into. Second, I’d like to see some of the success of advertising on chat/messenger apps in Asia replicated into new markets to see if different geos respond similarly. If I had to choose one specific platform, I hope Snapchat ads blow up in 2016. I think they still have some questions to answer on how to make their ads appeal to performance advertisers, but the app’s penetration of North American + European teens cannot be overlooked, and I think their partnerships with real-time events is a very interesting targeting parameter (e.g. targeting users who watch a live stream of a basketball game with an ad for tickets to next week’s game). Also, I’m very interested to see how a video-first platform pushes the edge of what a video ad can be, as well as how we can serve it in a non-intrusive way.
The second thing I hope happens is the expansion of 360-degree video for ads on Facebook. Mr. Zuckerberg has already posted some pretty awesome of 360-degree videos onto his Facebook that you can check out. Just as banner ads quickly becoming as irrelevant as print magazine ads, video ads will be the TV ads of last century, except on steroids. Imagine an ad for your favorite concert that is a 360-degree video from last year’s performance – I think that probably sells the experience better than any banner or video we have today. I’m very excited to how far we can push user engagement with videos on a 2D screen before we move into an Occulus/virtual screen world.
Social Account Manager Deepika Patel:
I am hoping to see Instagram advertising evolve fairly quickly over the next year after seeing so much change come from Facebook advertising in 2015 alone. 
I also am very excited to see how the “buy now” buttons and features across platforms will evolve and shape additional online shopping environments for users and brands alike.
Social Account Coordinator Elizabeth Ninivaggi:

  1. Instagram will offer more capabilities on the ad formatting side and expand options.
  2. Power Editor allows for a more efficient and less buggy process overall!

Social Account Manager Mike Stetzer:
I’m interested to see how ad formats evolve in 2016. We already know that video and mobile advertising is huge; however, what about some new and innovative ad formats for mobile devices? I’m also interested in seeing how Instagram advertising matures in 2016. 
In addition, a lot of bid management software and technology already exists on the SEM side — allowing bids to be adjusted based on live weather conditions, for example. I’m interested in seeing how software on the social front matures over time.
Social Account Manager James Houchin:
I’d love to see LinkedIn reach the sophistication of Facebook. I’ve had a number of clients ask about using LinkedIn, but the lack of tracking and low engagement make it difficult. Their professional data is unmatched, but advertisers need a way to use it. This could be a great B2B channel, but they need to seriously pivot from where they’re at now. 
I also would be excited to see more insight into how my ads are performing relative to other advertisers. Like Brad mentioned earlier, it’d be great to see how our competition is doing. The insights we get are very limited. The more insight we have, the more we can invest into our campaigns. 
Sr. Ad Operations Manager Clark Sioson:
I’ve been waiting all my life for Facebook ads to support .gif format. 
I would love it if LinkedIn caught up with the rest of the major social platforms and gave advertisers these two features: a conversion pixel and the ability to upload customer lists to retarget and build lookalike audiences. 
What’s on your social advertising wishlist?

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