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A holiday wish list from Facebook marketing's finest

Published: December 21, 2012

Author: Molly Shotwell

facebook holiday wishes
What have you done for us lately, Facebook? Oh, right. Plenty.
Still, with the holidays upon us and a long way to go in putting all that data to optimal use, here’s a wish list from some of the most respected practitioners in the Facebook ads industry:
I’d ask Facebook to give us country-level reporting beyond the default 19 countries– that’s my wish as a data geek. – Dennis Yu, BlitzMetrics
A “Facebook Display Network” that offers contextual targeting across the web similar to Google’s GDN (Google Display Network). – David Rodnitzky, PPC Associates
Negative targeting that lets you exclude certain people. – Rob Leathern, Optim.al
I’d love to see Facebook continue to improve and expand its behavioral targeting capabilities, for example by making additional targeting parameters like geography available to advertisers running Facebook retargeting campaigns. – Caroline Watts, Retargeter
I’d like a polished version of Power Editor; it’s always been quite buggy. – Jon Oberlander, Ampush
I’d like to see Facebook help advertisers be more successful by improving consistency and simplicity. The overall web ad platform can be confusing, and the usability is a nightmare. – Lisa Raehsler, Big Click Co.
Historical graphing capabilities in the ads manager – I can’t see graphs of things like CTR or Impressions in the ad breakout in the top-level manager even if I set the dates back. I’d also REALLY like it if they would differentiate between true organic reach and promoted reach. They say organic reach on promoted posts is higher, but that’s really because it was promoted in the first place – show me why. And please differentiate between paid and organic clicks or let us tag links in posts with different campaign parameters so we can see in GA if we’re getting garbage clicks from the post. – Dan Wilkerson, LunaMetrics
A user interface with the same options and capabilities as AdWords. – Dan Slagen, HubSpot
The greatest gift Facebook could give me as an advertiser would be the ability to use frequency capping.  I’m pretty sure it would not be in their best interest to do so, but it would be an extremely valuable asset to have for any campaign. – Franco PuetzVeterans United Home Loans
I would love to be able to compare date ranges easily within the graphs in the Insights Reporting interface, without exporting the data and creating graphs myself. – Melissa Addison, Rimm-Kaufman Group
All I want from Facebook for Christmas are new ad formats that match IAB standards, along with a few new placement opportunities for those new ad formats. – Marc Poirier, Acquisio
What’s on your Facebook wish list? Drop a comment!

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