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71 video views but 1428 likes?

Published: March 25, 2015

Author: Dennis Yu

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Impressions, ad spend, and interactions come in at different intervals.
That’s why you can have CTR higher than 100% at times, as you’ve seen.
Or sometimes an absurdly high CPM, such as $20 to serve 50 impressions.
But in the case of this video, which comes a few minutes after the Golden State Warriors win at home over the Dallas Mavericks, it’s views versus impressions.
Organic or paid, not all videos are auto-play.
So it may well be possible that this video had a couple thousand impressions in the first 4 minutes.
Then nearly 300 people liked it in that time period, many who didn’t even watch the video.
For those Facebook marketers that prize engagement over impressions or fan base size, consider that many people click like in support, but don’t actually read posts.
This is especially true for longer videos and links that take them away from Facebook.
In a recent internal analysis, we found that average watch times on Facebook were double YouTube’s, for the same videos we were promoting.
Yet the CPCs are often higher on Facebook, meaning that you have a trade-off in quality versus quantity.
For those calculating the ROI of Facebook, consider that you have to add value in the impression, engagement, and conversion buckets for any post.
We call this the AEC funnel– for audience, engagement, and conversion.
Funnel Graphic2 V3
In the case of this particular video celebrating a Warriors win, we might not be driving much in immediate ticket sales, but we are driving branding and engagement.
In the longer run, which isn’t that long when you consider how close the playoffs are, we get more buzz, site traffic and conversions.
Expect to see more lift testing tools from Facebook in the next couple months to help you quantify this.
Meanwhile, you can calculate earned media value, email sign-ups, and holdback audience lift.
And I predict this will lead us reasonably close to measuring the real value of a fan by the end of the year.
How are you measuring the three parts of the funnel?

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