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7 Ways to Learn From Your Digital Marketing Agency

Published: December 30, 2014

Author: Ian Lopuch

Do you work with an amazing agency? Are you newer to digital marketing? Perhaps you’re a longtime digital marketer but are not in the details quite as much anymore? Whatever the case may be, it is critical to stay up with the latest trends and learn.
Digital marketing is always changing, and you must actively learn every day to be your best. Moreover, it’s just plain fun to learn new things! Today, I wanted to share some tips on how you can partner with your agency to learn each and every day.
Read your agency’s blog (and blogs from other agencies, too). The thought leadership provided by top digital agencies is unparalleled these days. Top blogs are updated daily, jam-packed with knowledge, and written by industry leaders. I personally frequent the 3Q Digital blog regularly. Bonus tip: Ask your account manager questions, if you have any. Since you work with the agency, they will likely connect you with the person who authored the post.
Another tip related to your agency’s blog and overall thought leadership: Read your agency’s whitepapers and eBooks. See if your account team can send you the complete library of all documents published. Also, see if they can alert you as soon as new ones are published. I have a virtual library of digital marketing whitepapers and have learned so much from them.
Attend agency events, and actively participate. Great agencies often hold summits, conferences, and forums where clients and leaders can get together, share, and learn. Make sure to take notes and ask questions. 3Q Digital, for example, just held a summit at Google’s Mountain View campus (at the incomparable Google PartnerPlex). Even informal events such as dinner/drinks provide great knowledge. Meet as many bright minds as possible, and share notes.
Is your agency local? Consider shadowing them at work. Go into their office on a regular basis (perhaps monthly or even bi-weekly) and watch them work. Literally sit right there with your account manager and watch/ask questions as they are working in your account. Now, this could slow them down and put on some pressure, so be careful how frequently you request this opportunity.
Log into your accounts regularly. Even though your agency does all the heavy lifting, it never hurts to have a second pair of eyes. Even if you are new to digital marketing and don’t quite know everything that’s going on, try to poke around and observe. Write down questions. There is no better way to learn than jumping right in and observing the details. Just be careful: You don’t want to make any changes without first discussing with your agency.
Take agency reviews seriously. Get them on the calendar with a frequent cadence (monthly works great). Request that your agency not only illustrate strategy and top-line metrics, but also share details around the tactics. As a digital marketer, I personally keep a change log of every change ever made. Have your agency do the same. Go through the changes and their importance to your account. There is so much knowledge in the tactical details.
Consider becoming a virtual employee/intern of your agency. Could you manage a campaign or two, under the supervision of your agency? How about taking on a few tasks? This tip requires a unique, collaborative outlook. You hired your agency to drive your digital marketing. You often provide company strategy, goals, and budgets. Your agency reacts to your every request. In this case, however, you flip things a bit. You are starting at the beginning and are willing to do any task. Nothing is too small. Take direction from your account manager and be humble. Get into those details and you will be amazed what you can learn, and the types of realizations that start jumping out of the data.
I hope these tips help you learn every single day from your digital marketing agency. As you learn more, you will grow as a marketer and creative thinker. Great ideas will emerge. Make sure to collaborate with your agency and share your ideas. They could turn into your next great test!

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