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6 Tips for Increasing User Trust through Ad Copy

Published: May 22, 2017

Author: Charlotte Haab

If you’re looking for a quick way to give your ads a boost in clickthrough rate, and a way to potentially help your account health overall, increasing your perceived credibility can be a strong tactic. With the advent of ETAs and the newly found headline space in ads, there are now so many ways to structure our copy. More space in the SERP means an increased likelihood you’ll get that click.
But what happens when your ads reach the more discerning customer? How will they know you’re legit? The more legitimate your company seems in your ads, the more clicks you will get. I’ve compiled a few tried-and-true tips on how to establish credibility and accomplish just that.

1.      Symbols

A great way to increase credibility in your ads is to include a copyright or trademark symbol next to any instance of your brand name. This signals to the user that your company is reputable, and can encourage more clicks.  In Google’s eyes, this can also improve your ad relevancy, especially if someone is searching for your brand name.
The increase in CTR and relevancy can help if you’re struggling with ad rank. Improvements to your rank can have the residual benefits of boosting your quality scores and bringing down CPCs. In one instance for a lesser-known retailer, adding the copyright symbol to their brand name in ads resulted in an 11% improvement to CTR, a subsequent boost to quality score, and a 26% decrease in Brand CPCs.

2.      “Official Site”

You can also try adding in an “Official Site.” This is a popular tactic among even the largest, most well-known retailers. Whether the consumers know it or not, seeing “Official Site” next to a familiar brand name inspires confidence in the ad and removes suspicion – encouraging more clicks.
In some competitive snooping from one retailer, we found that most of their direct competitors included “Official Site” somewhere in their ad copy. For this retailer, adding it to their own ad headline resulted in a 10% lift to CTR and a subsequent 20% increase in CVR. If the buyer trusts you, it can make a huge difference.

3.      Domain in the Headline

A lesser-used tactic for increasing user trust and encouraging more clicks is to add  your domain URL into the headline. Specifically in Headline 2, one client saw a 25% improvement to CTR, while another saw a 17% improvement from the same tactic. Something about seeing the website listed right there in the ad almost makes it seem like less of an advertisement and more of a destination. It really hammers home the legitimacy of your brand and might just lead to a nice boost in CTR.

4.      Review Extensions

If your company has any positive reviews floating around the internet, it’s a smart idea to add them as an ad extension. The only catch here is that it needs to be from a reputable source (according to Google) and it cannot be from an individual review site – like Yelp, for example. A positive review gives the user a very early indicator that clicking on your ad would be a positive decision. Bonus points if it’s from a well-known source.
If you’re having trouble finding a review for your brand, I would recommend checking out their score from the Better Business Bureau. Most companies have a grade on there, and an “A+ from the Better Business Bureau” looks pretty impressive – impressive enough to inspire trust from your user and improve your CTR.

5.      Ratings

A surefire way to make your ads look more legitimate is to include your seller rating in your ad. Seller Rating extensions are how advertisers get those orange star ratings to show up at the start of their ad. While you’ll need at least 150 reviews from reputable 3rd-party sources determined by Google, you can easily turn these on by opting into automated as extensions. If you’ve got a seller rating 3.5 stars or higher, it could be very beneficial for your CTR to turn these on.

6.      Extensions, Extensions, Extensions

The last thing you need to do to make sure your ad looks as legitimate and trustworthy as possible is to add in every extension that’s available to you. That means sitelinks, callouts, structured snippets, price extensions, promotion extensions, and location extensions. The more full your ad appears, the more space it takes up, and the more it begins to look like the obvious choice to your potential new customers.
Hopefully these tips will give you some ideas to test in your existing ads to increase credibility, increase clickthrough rate, and conversion rates by quickly establishing trust in your first impression. Just look at the ads below:

Which one would you click?!

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