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6 Things To Help You Decide Between FBX and Native FB Retargeting

Published: October 20, 2014

Author: Kristina McLane

There are many reasons to do remarketing. We get to create ads personalized for visitors, who are already familiar with our brand and our website; Because it’s a cookie placed on their browser, even business-to-business accounts can benefit from remarketing on Facebook. The real question is how do you decide between native Facebook remarketing and FBX platforms.
Native remarketing is similar to remarketing on the Google Display Network. There is a pixel placed on the site and ads will be displayed on Facebook to our previous visitors. FBX is Facebook’s ad exchange. It is a retargeting platform outside of the Facebook interface that allows advertisement in Facebook. Perfect Audience and AdRoll are two of the most commonly used.
Why should I choose FBX over the native interface?
1. Ease of Use: It’s easier. I don’t know how others feel about the Facebook’s interface, but without having some familiarity it can be tricky to navigate. These types of outside platforms keep everything simple. Below is the campaign creation process from AdRoll. Each step is outlined from campaign creation, ad creative and so on. 
2. Help is Always Near: One of the best benefits is that help is always available, while a Facebook representative is basically impossible to locate. Disapprovals and assistance are just an email or phone call away when using outside vendors.
3. Dynamic Remarketing: Dynamic remarketing is very exciting. Anyone with an eCommerce account should agree with me. Dynamic remarketing allows you to remarket at the product level. Each ad will be adjusted to the product that was visited on the site.
The first step is to link the Google Merchant Center to these retargeting platforms and change the tracking pixel to pull in specific product IDs. However, the extra work is worth it. Facebook users will see the specific products that they viewed on the site within the side bar or news feed ads. These will be super personalized ads. If I visit a particular web page with a pair of Saucony Kinvara 4 running shoes, those exact shoes will begin to appear on my newsfeed.
Why should I choose the Facebook interface? 
4. No Extra Costs: This is a no brainer! There are additional advertising costs (besides the obvious) for using Facebook’s ad exchange. AdRoll, Perfect Audience or any other remarketing tools that helps put your ads on Facebook are going to have additional costs beyond the click.
5. More Options: When using the Facebook interface for remarketing, you get the ability to use all the different ad types that Facebook offers: Events, Video Ads, Offer Ads etc. These types of options aren’t available within all of these other platforms.
6. Layered Audiences: There are certain types of visitors that are never going to convert that have visited the site.  A pixel on your site is going to be able to discriminate between a qualified visitor verses an unqualified visitor. When using Facebook retargeting audiences, there is the option to layer demographics to your audiences
For example, if my ideal audience is over 55, I can use this demographic to further refine my remarketing audience. I would layer additional demographics over the remarketing audiences to advertise to the more qualified visitors. 
Remarketing is a great way to get started on Facebook, especially when dealing with clients that are wary of trying a new platform. Both FBX and native Facebook remarketing have negative and positive features. Time and account type can help determine which option better aligns with the account’s goals.

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