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6 Fatal Errors SMBs Make on Facebook Ads

Published: May 4, 2015

Author: Ana Gotter

A lot of large corporations hire trained experts to run their Facebook Ad campaigns, as well as pay entire departments to establish marketing strategies and determine who their target audiences are. Small- and medium-sized businesses often don’t have the same resources as large corporations, meaning that they’re learning the process as they go.
Because of this, there are 6 fatal errors most SMBs make on Facebook Ads at some point in the learning process – often late in the process. In order to find quicker success, if you avoid these six mistakes, you’ll be off to a great start.

1. Not Split-Testing Your Ads

This is a common mistake made by newbies and experts alike. Once a lot of businesses run a successful campaign, they’re satisfied. They assume they’ve found the best target audience, image, copy, everything. They’ve found the perfect balance.
While this may be true, it’s unlikely. Split testing is crucial to continued success with Facebook Ads. Even if your current campaign is successful, split-testing helps you see how your campaigns can improve and your profits can continue to increase. To learn more about split testing, check out this post from AdEspresso.

2. Targeting Mobile Users with a Site that Isn’t Mobile-Optimized

Targeting mobile users can be a really smart move on Facebook Ads, but not when your landing page and/or website isn’t optimized for mobile users. Believe it or not, this is an incredibly common—and damaging—error when it comes to Facebook Ads.
Mobile usage has surpassed desktop usage in general, so having your site and landing page be mobile-optimized is crucial. But if you haven’t quite gotten there yet, just make sure you aren’t targeting mobile users until it is.

3. Immediately Pushing For Sales and Ignoring Lead Generation

While some Facebook Ads are great to push for and motivate sales, Facebook is often a place that’s a better environment for a slow sell than the hard one. Running some campaigns to increase sales and conversions that way is fantastic, but you should also keep in mind that lead generation and nurturing is just as important, if not more so. By acquiring leads, you’ll be able to build these visitors into long-time customers.

4. Not Adding Calls to Action in the Ads

All ads need to have a call to action. If they don’t, users won’t know exactly what the purpose of the ad is, and why they are supposed to click (or what they’re supposed to do after the click). Having a clearly defined CTA will help users click and convert at higher rates.
For added encouragement for users to take your desired action, you can reinforce your CTA by adding a Call-to-Action button to your ads (learn more about how to do this here).

5. Targeting Not In Line with Potential Customers

Targeting on Facebook can be complicated, and part of how you narrow down your best audience is through split-testing. You want your audience to be broad enough that you aren’t singling anyone out, but not so broad that your ad isn’t relevant to the majority of the audience. It’s about finding your niche without excluding your target audience.
Practice makes perfect when it comes to Facebook targeting. The platform has recently introduced relevance scores to help you see how relevant your ad is to your current audience, and this could be a great tool to focus in on the right audience in the future.

6. Keeping a Campaign with High Frequency

Frequency is a great metric Facebook provides that tells advertisers how many times their ad is being shown to the same users. A frequency is 1 is ideal, but up to 3 is all right. If you start seeing your frequency crawl (or run) any higher than a 3, however, it’s time to pull the ad—you’ve now paid for users to see it multiple times and they have yet to convert, so they probably won’t convert in the future.
If your campaign has a high frequency, it’s best to stop the campaign or alter it heavily, especially if you aren’t seeing those conversions that you should be.
Do you agree with our list of 6 fatal errors SMBs tend to make on Facebook Ads? Would you add any to the list? Leave a comment and let us know!

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