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5 Ways to Leverage In-House Paid Search Insights Across a Company

Published: August 15, 2012

Author: Ian Lopuch

Search engine marketing is an amazing career path for so many reasons. You enjoy a ton of responsibility, have direct influence over your company’s numbers, get to master both the creative and analytical sides of marketing, find many chances for career progression/promotion, and so much more. Today, I’m excited to write about one of my favorite aspects of the SEM career path: The interdisciplinary aspect of it all, namely assisting other departments within your company. Following are some of my favorite ways of leveraging paid search to help my colleagues (above and beyond driving your company’s numbers forward).
Tip 1: Share Your Ad Copy Testing Results
When you’re spending hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars on paid search, you end up accumulating some really solid intelligence around ad copy. You learn which ads have the highest click-through-rates (CTRs). You learn which have the highest conversion rates. You learn which have the highest CTRs and conversion rates (the absolute best ads). Share your findings with product management, traditional marketing, and also social media. If you have a winning ad on your hands, why not test similar copy across your business and throughout your site? This is sure to catapult your company’s numbers and help out other teams.
Tip 2: Leverage Your Search Engine Reps For Great Data
Both Google and Yahoo! offer some of the best account management around. If you’re a big spender and have a dedicated team, make sure to leverage them. I particularly enjoy requesting comScore, Hitwise, and also proprietary reports/intelligence. These types of reports are helpful beyond search marketing; they can greatly benefit just about anyone at your company who’s looking at the big picture. They are truly invaluable for strategy and leadership.
Tip 3: Share Landing Page Findings With Product Management
Do you test your own landing pages in search marketing? Do you leverage an external platform or agency? Do you have someone on your team who manages it all? Make sure to communicate your findings with product management. This really ties into the first point. You’re sending a ton of traffic through your landing pages. Make sure communicate which ones work and which ones don’t. Your PM team can leverage this data to improve the overall website experience, benefitting all channels.
Tip 4: Help Your Company Prototype New Businesses 
All companies want to grow. A popular way to grow: Enter new, ancillary markets. Paid search is any company’s dream when it comes to prototyping. Build some landing pages and start sending traffic and testing ads. You’ll quickly learn what it will really cost your company to buy traffic. You’ll quickly learn what your conversion rates are likely to be. You’ll quickly see which keywords convert and which don’t. Before building out a new product, do some preliminary search marketing testing to really prove and understand the market.
Tip 5: Share Search Query Data With Product Management
My final tip is perhaps the most obvious one: Share your search query reports. It’s always fun to see which queries convert. You will quickly discover niches within your business that could benefit from increased content/coverage on your site. Share your search queries with your SEO and content teams, and build out the content/information your customers are searching for!

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