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5 Ways to Immediately Improve CTR

Published: October 3, 2014

Author: Ed Lew

Is your Quality Score too high? Are you and your client satisfied with the amount of qualified traffic coming through? These are exactly the type of questions NO one should be asking – especially if your strategy is to help a business continue to grow.
Here are 5 ways to quickly give your CTR a positive boost!

Neg Irrelevant High Impression Terms

We tend to get caught up adding negative keywords that spend but don’t convert – or keywords that are irrelevant to the business. Yet sometimes we neglect adding negatives that drive tons of impressions detrimental to CTRs. If you have an ad group with a 0.10% CTR, and one irrelevant search term is driving 0 clicks and 750 impressions, you could hypothetically increase your CTR to 0.40% – a 300% improvement!

Use Exact Match When Possible

Adding more Exact match terms to your account is no guarantee of higher conversion rates – but your chances are much improved. Using the example below, we can see:
– Exact match campaign’s CTR is 126% higher, CPCs are 24% lower, and CPAs are 47% lower than the Broad match campaign
Also keep in mind the match type that your top converting keywords show in your search query data. Pairing those new Exact match keywords may do well with some tailored ads.

Test New Ads

Any paid search account can benefit from refreshing the messaging in ad copy.
Let’s say you have an e-commerce client looking to test a new free shipping tier of $100 or more. The account currently employs a free shipping tier of $200 or more. While a $100 difference in free shipping may appear minimal, your client’s competitors may be unwilling to go below $150. Suddenly, your client’s site offering looks more appealing as it will catch the eyes of a shopper looking to spend less to get free shipping. If the searcher has clicked through, you’ve done your job.
Free shipping tiers may not apply to every type of client but the lesson is simple. Keeping a constant schedule of ad testing is a great method to learn more about the user behavior of your target consumer base. Keeping an open dialogue with your client might also be an opening towards testing new call-to-actions like Free Returns or Discreet Shipping.

Ad Extensions = More Ad Real Estate

If your account is a house, think of ad extensions as an addition. Ad extensions are an easy way to provide more value to your campaigns.
Sitelinks and Callout Extensions literally increase the area of coverage your ads receive as they show up as additional lines of text on search results.
Location Extensions help drive online traffic towards local brick and mortar locations. Call Extensions offers visitors an alternative by speaking to a live person.
Review Extensions make use of noteworthy press from 3rd-party sources like Forbes or Mashed.com:

Rich Media Usage

Images speak louder than words – the same assuredly applies to a text-heavy ad world. While limited to select advertisers, Image Ad Extensions allow you to gain more real estate while attract visitors with contextually relevant images.
Bing has a similar feature in smaller scale called RAIS (Rich Ads in Search), where you can add icon-size images to Branded campaigns. RAIS is also limited to select advertisers.
Lastly, the Google Shopping feature is specific to e-commerce advertisers who utilize product feeds held within the Google Merchant Center. Once linked to the AdWords account, visitors can see images of the very product they were searching for.
Remember, the key to driving higher CTRs is to give visitors a reason they NEED to click on your ads. Good luck!

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